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Comment People are way off... (Score 1) 711

Let's look at the issue from another angle. Child porn is supposedly illegal in order to protect children, yet they are prosecuting children who are producing it, meaning that the intent is not to protect the depicted children but rather children IN GENERAL. This goes hand in hand with the fact that drawings have been criminalized in several countries. There are no real children depicted, thus there are no direct victims. This means the victims must be indirect... But what if it's not even about the actual victims?

I have seen several comments about non-nude drawings of young girls that have been called "disgusting". The question is how can a drawing of a GIRL be disgusting? If the image is sexual yet there is no actual porn or scatology or whatever going on, there is nothing there but a girl, and people are calling her DISGUSTING? As a concrete example, I have heard that very word used about the show Strike Witches. Sure, the show sucks and might possibly be called disgusting for that, but people are complaining about the young girls flashing their panties everywhere and none of the girls are ugly... They're designed to be the very opposite of that. They're drawn to be cute.

There's obviously something else going on here. It's not the picture itself that is the problem, but the idea that someone finds the picture arousing. This explains PERFECTLY why drawings of minors engaged in sexual activities are being made illegal almost everywhere... Because the concept of people getting turned on by that material IS disgusting. Thus, the picture is not important but rather the possibility that someone somewhere might be turned on by it.

Comment Re:Converging world but to which focal point? (Score 1) 595

The swedish king has no power whatsoever. He's a figurehead. Doesn't make the situation any better, here, though we have a FAR better voting system than the US and UK models. We don't have a first past the post system the same way the UK does, so we actually have a load of parties that atleast matter a bit...

Comment Re:Treat the lepers, ignore the porn (Score 1) 292

"But every now and then the other person that I am talking to from India just looks at me and says that it is the will of the Gods that these people are in such a horrible condition. That they are this way because in previous lives they were horrible people and if they were to be helped, then the Gods themselves would be angry at us for meddling with their placement of people on the earth and that we could end up as lepers and beggars ourselves in our next lives if we were to help them."

That's a fabulous argument! Doesn't this basically justify ignoring anything that could hurt ANYONE just because god made it so? India is attacked by terrorists? No problem. It was god's will. Disease? Don't bother to cure them, it is the will of god that they are sick.

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