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Submission + - Microsoft will vote on Open XML

Elektroschock writes: "Rui Seabra reveals that the national standard organisation of Portugal plans to sent Microsoft as head of its ISO delegation to the Ballot Resolution meeting in Geneve. The Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) will work on amendments to the Open XML standard (DIS 29500) as put forward by ECMA International. The meeting will be held behind closed doors and last 5 days. While Microsoft would get privileged access and voting rights other interested stakeholders for instance Portuguese SMEs and software develoeprs are excluded from participation and review. The head of the delegation will exercise all voting rights for the nation, here Portugal. All national ISO members need to submit their list of delegates to ISO until Dec 11."

Submission + - Redhat sued for Patent Infringement

tqft writes: "
"The first ever patent infringement litigation regarding Linux. Here's the patent, for those who can look at it without risk. If in doubt, don't. "
For those who can without fear read a patent:,072,412

"Plaintiffs IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corp. claim to have the rights to U.S. Patent No. 5,072,412 for a User Interface with Multiple Workspaces for Sharing Display System Objects issued Dec. 10, 1991 along with two other similar patents.

Get your game faces on. Party Time."

Submission + - Free/Libre Intel X11 graphics driver for 965GM

sTeF writes: Keith Packard has announced the inclusion of a free Intel driver into Xorg:

In addition to Intel 965GM chipset support, the 2.0 driver adds native video mode programming support for all chipsets from i830 forward. The driver supports automatic video mode detection and selection, monitor hot plug, dynamic extended and merged desktops and per-monitor screen rotation.

The official Intel Linux Graphics website even reveals links to Ubuntu developers, could we also find a link to the Dell Ubuntu offering? Ubuntu will be much easier to setup for 3D accelerated desktops (think Beryl) than on competing ATI and NVidia chipsets. Maybe this will make the ATI announcement from earlier to day more credible if they want to hold on to Linuxers.

Submission + - Linux Mobile Foundation Finally Announced!

hip2b2 writes: "Finally, some of the largest players and users in the mobile industry have gotten together to form the Linux Mobile Foundation. This foundation was annouced a few months back but was kept ultra-secret. It is about time it stepped out of the dark. The LiMo Foundation was founded by Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone."

Submission + - MS copies feature, then patents it

jbgreer writes: "Michael Kölling, a senior lecturer at the University of Kent and one of the developers of BlueJ, an educational development environment, realized last year that Microsoft had copied one of the BlueJ features into Visual Studio. Flattery, right? Recently he was informed that Microsoft has filed a patent describing the very same feature. For more details, read Michael's blog entry."

Submission + - Almost Threads in Seven Lines of ANSI C

blboo writes: This C library provides a thread-like programming abstraction in an astonishing seven lines of ANSI C code. The code consists only of declarations and macros in a header file so code using the library only needs to include the file; no libraries need to be linked. The code is pure ANSI C so the library is extremely portable.
The Internet

Submission + - Politic in Netherlands Think About Internet Tax

robinvanleeuwen writes: "Two political parties in the Netherlands are thinking about introducing a
tax for internet that will compensate the music industry for their loss of
income due to illegal downloading.

Nicolien Vroonhoven (member of politic party CDA) says: "In practice you see that
many people who use the internet also illegaly download"

Following a bablefish translation of the original dutch article on: _na_over_heffing_internetabonnement.html

PvdA and CDA thinks Internet subscription after concerning levy read

Spent: 26 January 2007 10.28
Last modified: 26 January 2007 16.45
AMSTERDAM — plate societies would have accept that by means of Internet unpaid music is copied. If financial compensation could would be considered in that case a levy on Internet subscriptions. That says PvdA-Kamerlid Martijn of dam in an interview with

"we must be realistic", thus of dam, Internet spokesman for the PvdA. "it is not fine to hear for muzikanten, but it is a lost fight to copy on Internet to reduce", says of dam.

The plate societies have also reached themselves the conclusion that kopieerbeveiligingen do not work. There needs, as it happens, but the one someone beveiliging to break through and the product stands on Internet. The moment protection or suppression becomes more malignant, directly also technique becomes more malignant exchange music.

The Dutch line organisation for the music industry NVPI made recently confessed that music societies none more use of kopieerbeveiliging on muziek-cd's, because the costs do not even out the results.


To approach the muzikanten and authors, see of dam a possibility of laying levies on Internet movement. "the chamber was against levies on Mp3-spelers whereas there are also beveiligingen", thus of dam.

As plate societies less molars for beveiliging and DRM, if they accept that there is copied, then can it talk there concerning more compensation by means of levies. The degree of protection and levies is himself in communicating barrels. Of dam it finds more logical than levies lay on Internet movement, then on products.


CDA also philosophises concerning such a Internet levy. "in practice to see you that many people who Internet uses illegally will download", thus cda-Kamerlid Nicolien of Vroonhoven compared with "condition for such a levy is, however, that people must pay then not also once more for downloading music himself."

The culture spokesman of the cda-fractie recognises that the protection of copyright is a complicated subject. It is difficult there get the finger. Technology goes very fast.

Update of dam emphasise Friday in a response that its party has no concrete plans for Internet levies. It would go for a ' purely hypothetical idea pace '."

Submission + - Dutch might implement a tax on music downloads writes: "The Dutch technology news-site is reporting that the two major Dutch parties are considering implementing a "compensation-fee" (Dutch) on downloads of music via the internet.

According to the parties, record companies should accept that music is being downloaded from the internet without being paid for. As a compensation measure, a levy could be put on all internet subscriptions.

Dutch politician Van Dam (Labour party) considers the fight against the illegal spreading of music-files via the internet a lost one. "We must be realistic." Van Dam is interested in the idea of compensating musicians and authors for their loss of income. A prerequisite is that record companies accept that music is being spread via the internet and must thus reduce the use of DRM and other security measures.

The Christian-Democrats also consider the idea. According to Christian-Democrat Van Vroonhoven, many internet-users are using their connection to download files from the internet without paying for it. Because of this, she too is in favour of this proposal, as long as users no longer have to pay for separate downloads as well.

The two parties are currently still working on forming a coalition after the elections of last November."

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