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Comment Re:That's not a bug, it's a feature (Score 1) 307

Also you are far more likely to get laid if you already have the girl in a hot tub than if you are still using your laptop to converse with her. so, in attempting to reproduce, the cycle goes, laptop, hot tub, bedroom (unless you are in a porn movie in which case you do her right there in the hot tub.) As some of the geeks here are having trouble processing, before reproduction can, they must have a female partner who is willing to copulate with them. (or semi-willing, or drugged in some way).

Comment Re:That's not a bug, it's a feature (Score 2) 307

this whole article makes me wonder where some of our biology research dollars are going. I mean really, c'mon? I know there are people out there struggling with infertility and looking for any scapegoat as to why they can't get pregnant, but most of these ray gun type theories are complete crap. Don't live under power lines, don't sit too close to a tube tv, don't use your phone, don't use your laptop, watch that microwave. Sounds like instead of tin foil hats, they need tin foil underpants.

Comment Re:No shortage of cash for weapons. But. (Score 0) 381

Social Security is a national ponzi scheme. no amount of money is going to keep it going. National Education problems are not simply solved by throwing more money at the problem. And the US Government is cutting weapon systems one after another. very soon our entire defense posture will be compromised.

Comment Re:hardening doesn't matter (Score 1) 381

Not to mention that the idea is that these are "secret" bunkers. If you start laying rebar and pouring concrete over top of them, you are kinda shouting out, "HEY, THERE'S A SECRET UNDERGROUND BUNKER HERE". kinda defeats the purpose of putting it underground in the first place. If I was Iran, I'd do my nuclear testing in a nice safe place. Turkey. After all, the US isn't going to start bombing Turkey anytime soon.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 1) 381

yeah. the US government just adores telling people what to do. "You there, go vote for a leader" "You, over there, foster religious freedom." "Hey you, stop oppressing your people and your neighbors." "enough with that sponsoring international terrorism." Damn big bullies, these united states people. Must be why everyone hates us. all this disgusting freedom.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 5, Insightful) 381

you obviously know very little about atomic devices if you think that they can be set off by someone blowing up the facility. In order to form the chain reaction necessary for an atomic explosion, the forces must be very precisely directed. And with the radioactive material so far underground already, there's no danger of releasing radiation into the surrounding countryside. Its far more dangerous to let the Iranians have a working nuclear device than to worry about putting extra large pot holes all over their country. Which is sad, because if their government cared at all for their people, they'd realize that pissing off the US is a good way to look more like large parking lot than an industrialized country.

Comment Re:Not needed any more (Score 1) 215

You are talking about a time scale in days, if not weeks. I was referring to a time scale in hours, if not days. Emergency systems of those type are designed to withstand the EMP to allow for immediate deployment. More long term recovery would certainly involve fixing the civilian infrastructure. But an EMP would not hamper our ability to deploy a conventional (or even nuclear) counterstrike. Heck, if it could, then you wouldn't need to even target even near the ground, as the range of the EMP is significantly larger than the blast radius.

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