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Comment How To Ruin Your PC's Game Port (Score 2) 244

I read this as "How To Ruin Your PC's Game Port"

My first thought was they still make PCs with game ports?
My second thought was I wonder what they are using the game port for that it gets ruined...
My third thought was I've been playing games on my PC for a long time...
My fourth thought was I wonder if I can get Tie Fighter working on windows 7

Comment Its actully putting me off... (Score 1) 107

When they first announced this course along with computing degree revamp around a year ago there was a lot of discussion amongst people that who had been planning on doing the course it replaces. A lot of people understandably didn't like how simplistic they were making it seem at the time.

The course is required to complete any of the named computing degrees offered by the Open University, however the featured device and other course material seems to be aimed at a 'this is a computer and it has flashing lights and beeps and there is this interweb thing you should know about' stuff I did when I was 14 and is not even close to what I would expect for a first year university computing course. Give me a real programming language C, Pascal, even VB would do at a pinch , teach me about data types, data structures, procedures, objects, etc. instead of drag and drop programming for a simple computer with a few sensors and lights attached, something that would be more suitable in a primary school.

The time to study the course (5-10 hours a week for the best part of a year), including assessments etc, along with the cost (£770) of the pointless required course and the completely uninteresting subject matter has put me in two minds if I should even bother studying a computing degree with them as it will begin with me wasting a year of my life. Especially as I was only planning on doing so to learn something new and interesting...

Comment Re:They should be doing even more (Score 2) 229

The biggest draw is once you have used the service a few times all the things you buy are on your favourites list (or similar named equivalent) so it takes you about ten minutes of clicking to do what would take you an hour or more of driving, wandering around, trying to resists impulse buys, queuing for the checkout, more driving and unloading the car...

Given they offer pre-selected small window delivery times here in the UK (20 minute slots), I can get the delivery when I will be home anyway, that's an hour and a half I can use to catch up on my TV, spend time with the kids, read a good book, play computer games etc... That alone is worth the £5 delivery fee

Comment Re:Scary (Score 2) 229

Yes the do.... they wander around the store for you with a hand scanner with a screen that tells them what to pick and in the optimum order to pick it...
You can also give written instructions like 'I prefer bananas that are almost going black' if you really want... which they may or may not pay attention to.

Some of the fancier systems even let you enter the number from an old till receipt and let you easily choose items from it without having to search the online store four preferred brand of hair gel

Comment I remember.... (Score 1) 135

I remember making my first backup... I spent a full weeks worth of lunch money to buy two boxes of 5.25 inch floppy disks and used pkzip's span disk function to backup my entire hard disk... MSDos, Windows 3.1 and all my files...

Comment Re:Appholes (Score 2) 285

("There's an App for That" is a registered trademark of Apple Corporation.)

Strange how everyone here uses that phrase to make a dig at how useless most apps on the ipad/iphone (and the devices in general) are... for example...

"Want a cracked screen on your phone? There's an app for that!"
"Got an upset stomach and run out of toilet paper? There's an app for that!"
"Accidentally ran over your neighbours dog? There's an app for that!"
"Can't remember your own name? There's an app for that!"

Feel free to supply more examples...

Comment Re:What the heck? (Score 1) 292


"The Phone Book" as an item, the specific implementation of a printed and bound document containing a list of names and numbers is copyrighted. It often contains layout, additional text, fonts, advertising, phone company logos and other graphics which are not public domain data such as advertising which are copyrightable.

The data it contains - the list of names and numbers is not copyrightable and can be freely copied and used elsewhere as long as you don't copy any of the copyrightable stuff along with it.

Basic file headers contain function decelerations, integer enumerations etc which are all in the same category as lists of names and numbers as they are 'facts' relating to the source code, hardware etc. If this wasn't the case you wouldn't be able to use any libraries that shipped with any OS without breaching copyright, making all OS useless.

If anything was copyrightable in the header files it would be the additional information that was contained in the comments... that were stripped out.

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