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Comment Re:Mac Mini with EyeTV (Score 1) 232

I used to run my TV using a Mac Mini with EyeTV so I could watch and record TV. It was awful, very unstable, crashed often, and required a CS degree in order to understand how to record a series. If Apple is coming out with a TV, they need something much much much better then EyeTV.

Um... so you're angry with Apple, because a third party vendor had crappy software? Maybe that's why Apple is thinking about getting in the market. The current offerings are kind of crappy.

Comment Haha... (Score 1) 173

Silly Chinese government. Times like these make me proud to be an American. I can find whatever I want... Look, I'll just fire up the ole' Twitter and check out what the Taliban has to say... oh wait. Crap. Damn you Lieberman!!!

Comment Still guilty in my eyes... (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Google played no part in the Megaupload takedown.

Just because they (or you) say that, doesn't mean its true. They played a huge part in it. They are the ones that created the system and they are the ones that entered into an agreement with UMG. Wether or not UMG "wasn't supposed to do this", is irrelevant. Google's poor oversight and management of these takedown tools and not keeping an eye on how their partners use them, is just as bad in my eyes. If their system has a loophole for people to bypass the DMCA, then they need to fix it and manage their system and partners better, if "Do no evil" is still relevant to them.

Comment Re:I'm sure they'll stop (Score 2, Interesting) 189

Once these ISPs learn that we're entitled to everything we want, they'll finally have to stop throttling us. Then we can continue to consume content without paying the people who spent their lives creating it.

Um... how is mimicking the BitTorrent protocol taking money away from people? It's not. You, just like the people who pay you, are so scared of losing control you will go to any means to suppress a technology instead of innovating and coming up with new business models that make it easy for people to consume your product.

Of course, I'm sure it's just cheaper to buy politicians and people like you.

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