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Submission + - Open Source VoIP That Surpasses CD Quality (

anthm writes: "Just a few days after releasing support for the Polycom Siren(tm) codec allowing VoIP at 32khz, FreeSWITCH Announces support for the CELT codec.

The FreeSWITCH implementation of the CELT codec allows any other device that can use CELT to send ultra-high-definition audio in a very small package. The bandwidth rate of 48kps in the FreeSWITCH implementation is actually less data per stream than the audio format that traditional telephones use.

Higher frequencies allow more detail in the audio making things like music and voice sound more rich and true to it's original sound. This offers a new frontier for telephony. The world has grown used to the low quality of the PSTN but many would happily exchange it for crystal clear call-quality to go with this new High-Definition age.

CELT stands for "Constrained Energy Lapped Transform" and is created by the same team responsible for the Speex codec.

FreeSWITCH is an Open Source soft-switch and application server hosted at"


Submission + - Cisco Sued by SFLC (FSF) for Open Source Violation (

anthm writes: "According to this blog post Cisco is being sued by the SFLC

Cisco, the networking giant, should know better than this, but they've worn out the FSF's (Free Software Foundation) patience. So, Cisco is now being sued by the SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center) on behalf of the FSF for Linux and other GPL copyright violations."

Comment Javascript Works Well for Telephony Too (Score 1) 415

Several years ago I wrote a javascript module for Asterisk open source PBX
More recently I added it for my own project FreeSWITCH ( )

We actually also support LUA, Python, Perl, JAVA and MONO as ways to script telephony apps.

It's quickly becoming a great new way to prototype and deploy audio driven apps for your phone system.

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