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Comment Jumo (Score 1) 570

I thought it looked like a variant on Jumo/Culverin, therefore will have the same problems of what happens if one cylinder starts to fire ahead/behind of where it should. This pre-ignition or non-ignition problem was solved in the Deltic. Oddly enough the Deltic engineers never realised this until they fired the first prototype up and found the problem had miraculously disappeared (because they'd accidentally designed it away).

Thinking on that, when I look at the animation on their website, I wonder where does the gas at the back of the outer cylinders go?

Comment Hardware is "free" (Score 1) 344

When you're doing bespoke development for a target of a mobile phone the cost of developing the software far outweighs the cost of the hardware.
People being people will mean the users first impression of your software will be the hardware. So just pick the one that the end user likes the most for its other features.


Submission + - Jagtvej 69 Politics (

threaded writes: "Jagtvej 69 Politics is a little video we made as part of a team building exercise. There are other teams that have produced videos and there is a little competition between them. Not quite sure how it is going to be scored, but do watch and give us a high rating, as I don't think it can harm the outcome..."

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