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Comment Re:How to play Chinese Monopoly (Score 1) 181

Some others prefer the light blue Kuomintang set, as these properties are slightly higher in value than their predecessors, but later groups can still beat them. It costs $1070 to buy and put hotels on all 3 properties here. They rank 2nd out of 10 in payoff percentage, and 6th out of 10 in visitation frequency.

Comment Re:How to play Chinese Monopoly (Score 0) 181

Go for the orange pieces.
According to Jim Slater in The Mayfair Set, the Orange property group is the best to own because players land on them more often, as a result of the Chance cards Go to Jail, Advance to St. Charles Place (Pall Mall), Advance to Reading Railroad (King's Cross Station) and Go Back Three Spaces.

Comment Re:Oh boy, what's that cost per crime down to? (Score 1) 280

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: you will need to dig a little deeper than doing a brain-dead search. CCTV is often just part of a larger project. When I first went digging I was somewhat surprised just how many different projects have some CCTV buried in there.

Example: National Traffic Control Centre is PFI. Part of this is upgrading the motorway matrix signs. The new Motorway Signal Mark 4 (MS4) colour matrix signs have in-built CCTV.

Other examples would be street lighting being replaced under PFI, with systems that assist the CCTV cameras, or even have in-built CCTV, such as the £32.7m scheme that will see about 14,000 lamp-posts across Knowsley kitted out with "talking" CCTV.

I have yet to see any PFI contract that does not increase cost year on year, as all of them have a clause linking to the RPI+some.

As to the personal abuse: that is just so sad.


Comment Re:Brits Sure Must Be Well Mannered! (Score 2) 280

TFA's CCTV cameras are not red-light cameras. In the UK red-light cameras are operated quite differently to the CCTV systems under discussion here, and are almost totally automated. IIRC after a high speed chase it is so difficult to pull the images, if any, from the red-light cameras that often they don't bother and instead rely on the video from a pursuit car or helicopter.

Comment treated like fingerprints and DNA? (Score 1) 280

Det Ch Insp Mick Neville, who heads the Met's identification unit, said CCTV images were "treated like fingerprints and DNA" by the force.

Does that mean that now, because it is all digital, they keep the recordings forever, even if no one on a particular recording is suspected of, or committed, any crime at all?

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