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Comment Re:or desalinate? (Score 1) 290

http://www.businessinsider.com/the-incredible-ghost-fleet-off-the-coast-of-singapore-2009-9 You forgot to take into account how many ships are currently underutilized and how much it costs to build a new desalination plant. Might make economic sense in the short term to ship and then build when the ships can make more shipping other stuff.

Comment Re:I need saturday mail pickup (Score 1) 504

1st Netflix makes an agreement with Warner Studio's to delay the rental release of New Titles http://arstechnica.com/media/news/2010/03/blockbuster-gets-deal-that-netflix-redbox-couldnt.ars now they want to save a few bucks and blame the USPS.

If the USPS has to cut a day of the week why not mid week (wed or thursday)?

Comment Re:No its not... (Score 1) 468

You think the publisher is going to charge significantly less for the material if it's delivered online?

The traditional publishers may not want to play ball but they are not the only game in town. I bet some of the newcomers may like to offer online textbooks at pennies on the dollar one source may be: http://www.k12.com/courses/textbooks-products/

Once the traditional publishers realize they are losing market share they will change their model or go out of business.

Comment Re:Buy any current workstation and... (Score 1) 655

Finally, something I know a little about.

The big enemy in vet clinics is pet hair. Mount the computer as high as possible to keep hair and dust to a minimum. If your father does not want to change software then the "physical to virtual" idea sounds like an idea you may want to look into.

I will let others comment on actually hardware but one thing you should talk to your dad about is good backups. Very few vet clinics back up frequently enough and even fewer know how (or when) to restore a back up. Set up a clear back up plan and teach the staff how to restore a back up; they should also be instructed on reasons to restore a back and be sure they understand what will be lost (everything since their last back up). I would recommend backing up to thumb drives and have a different drive for each day of the week. Also back up to CD or DVD once a week/month and archive.

I know of one vet clinic w/ a laptop plugged into a UPS w/ a low power printer kept on a cart but not connected to any other computers. When they had a snowstorm collapse the roof in the room w/ their sever one winter they rolled out the cart restored the back up and kept on seeing patients. Some veterinary software is written w/ a version for vets to use in the truck on farm call that then integrates everything back to the main computer when they get back to he office. If your dad is updating software as well, AAHA Trends magazine will have a write up on all the software this summer (june?)

Comment Re:Artificial hemoglobin? (Score 2, Informative) 94

Interestingly, there is a bovine hemoglobin / albumin conjugate that is approved for dogs. So it's possible that some combination of an oxygen carrying protein sans full red blood cell will work, but we haven't got there yet.

Actually they are using bovine hemoglobin glutamer for humans in in South Africa for surgical patients http://www.biopure.com/hemopure.php


Submission + - Obama's Networks Will Be Neutral? (convio.net)

wesborgmandvm writes: "Buried deep in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package is a line that should bring a smile to your face.

It says that billions of dollars must be spent to connect Americans to Internet services that meet "nondiscrimination and network interconnection obligations."

What does that mean? It means that we have won a key battle in our fight for Net Neutrality. The government must now demand that this money — your money — is spent the right way: on projects that abide by Net Neutrality principles.

But get this: Just as Washington is deciding to spend your tax dollars to connect millions of people to an open Internet, high-priced phone and cable company lobbyists are swooping in to change the rules, scrap the Net Neutrality requirements and stamp out consumer choice.


The agencies in charge of spending your money on broadband are convening public meetings to hear ideas from ordinary people. But the first meeting, held last week in Washington, was "packed to the rafters" with industry lobbyists. They created such noise at the event that public voices are in danger of being drowned out."

Comment Re:This is ... a good thing? (Score 1) 293

"Cameras give police very much power."

I don't even know why I am responding to your statement. But someone saw it fit to mod you +5 so here we go:

If your argument of "Very much power" is that The police have too much power with CCTV and power corrupts; I would say:

Police already have a lot of power. It is up to the public to demand that they are not corrupted in using the power that society entrust to them. Sure there are examples of bad apples in almost any police department but more often than not they may be getting it right but when they get it right it is usually not news worthy. While I think that CCTV could lead to abuse it can also cut both ways.

Here is an example of CCTV used correctly in monitoring a police department. If cops always protected their own and were as corrupt as you seem to suggest this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJaAe7sYoCA tape would have been destroyed:

The only reason this made the evening news is b/c it had a skinny drunk chick & sex which is good for ratings.

By the way, how would you suggest that Poland use CCTV to stop spotting crime and only use it to prevent crime? CCTV could only work to help prevent crime if the public knows CCTV will be used to spot and prosecute crime. Of course criminals are stupid... so it can never prevent all crime.

Ever look at the roof of a Wal-mart? They got CCTV all over their property and criminals keep doing stupid stuff in the parking lot.

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