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Comment Re:Embrace Metro (Score 2) 116

Not really. Apple didn't have to deal with PowerPC applications. They told the market to deal with it. Could Microsoft do this? Yes. Should they? Yes. Not saying I like Metro, I don't. But at some point, the get-off-my-lawn folks need to get over themselves, it's not 1995 anymore and a weak Microsoft stuck supporting multiple UIs isn't good for business.

Comment Re:I just mentioned it the other day in slashdot. (Score 2) 372

Well, nice guys that retaliate, if you're going by the Dawkins example, hehe. I.E - I'll play nice, and I'll even forgive the first slight, but if you keep screwing me over, you're getting screwed right back. Technically, it's not "better", but leads to evolutionary equilibrium. Unfortunately, total evil also leads to evolutionary equilibrium as he pointed out.

It's not good versus evil... but "mostly good" versus evil.

Comment Re:Your generation is not special, more will follo (Score 1) 331

Somewhere right now their is a young guy sitting somewhere who has an idea in the back of his head which will become the next great innovation in gaming.

And somewhere behind him is a woman throwing all of his stuff out of a bedroom window because he hasn't turned around from his gaming in 7 hours....

Comment So mad, then, a great point! (Score 1) 75

FTA: "So how serious is the Google policy change? By the sound of the running commentary, this is the worst thing for privacy that's happened so far this year."

It's the same privacy policy. Unlike having 60 policies, there is one. It's easy to read.

And since when has anyone had a chance to opt-out of any privacy change, be it at your bank, Facebook, or your job?

Could you opt out of the original 60 policies? No.
Great point is at the end.

FTA: "What's the worst-case scenario here? Google amasses a detailed profile about each one of us who continues to use its mostly free products"

They already have that detailed profile, dumbasses!

FTA: "Potentially, that information later on gets breached, sold or subpoenaed by the federal government."

THEY ALREADY HAVE, @#%@#%! They aren't collecting new data. They already have the data. It could be asked for by the government at any time prior to the privacy policy change. Courts give 2 shits about privacy policies when they request data with a warrant or subpoena.

I better stop now, I'm going to blow a fucking gasket at the idiocy of the author of this piece of garbage. On to the great point:

FTA: "If you don't like Google, use Bing."

Thank you. 'Nuff said.

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