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Comment Re:Cue increase in accidents (Score 1) 825

> I've driven those roads. They were no more stressful than any given highway in the US.

The sister of my former boss works at Porsche. She hosts Americans who who personally fly in to pick up their cars (they have a vacation then get the car shipped to the US). Of cause, most of them drive straight from the factory to the Autobahn. And many of them do not manage to switch from the acceleration lane to the main lanes. So she has to picked them up. They are shocked and overwhelmed by dense yet fast traffic.

It is a pretty funny picture for any German :-)

Comment Re:How Do Europeans Do It? (Score 1) 450

Warning: Generalisations ahead.

I truly believe it is a cultural difference with the people. Comment has it quite right, I believe. Companies are not placed equal to or above people's needs. Corporations are not people, they do not have equal rights. A popular argument in the U.S. is that investors' money and therefore their will is behind corporations. Corporations are mere extensions/avatars of people, and thus the legal construct "corporation" has to be treated as a placeholder of the people behind it and has to have equal rights and standing. In Europe, corporations are regarded more as a cumulation of money, not as a person and not as an extension of the investors mind and body.

Further. the power difference between an individual and a corporation is not taken as a force of nature but as something that can and should be countered. Whereas in the U.S., people seem to think "Well, corporation have these powers and resources, but that is because of the free market, therefore it is all good. We are not to interfere with that."

BTW: The article is a piss-poor automatic translation which does not convey the proper intentions of the proposed law, like forbidding cameras in wash rooms, changing rooms or rest rooms and generally allowing cameras in other areas (entrances, QA, etc.).

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