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Comment Anyone With New Year's Toast Accidents (Score 4, Funny) 480

My toast got burnt sometime between 9:59:40 EST (Eastern Standard Time in New South Wales, GMT +10:00) and 10:00:00 EST (GMT +10:00) on Jan 1, 2008 which remarkably corresponds to within at most 20 seconds of the New Year in GMT. I have been making toast with this same wetware non-stop for more than twenty six years and other than the occasional lapse in concentration while speaking on the phone, I have not burnt toast more than 1 or 2 times in 2237 days of cumulative toasting. Nothing other than background processes were running through my mind at the time of the burning. Could this be a coincidence or was there some 2008/2009 rollover issue going on here? Has anyone (other than Zune 30GB owners) noticed similar year-end issues while operating toasters or electronic devices?

Comment Re:The Quickening! (Score 1) 473

I'm a Highlander (I was born and live in the Highlands of Scotland). I haven't tried cutting peoples heads off with a sword yet, but maybe I should give it a shot to see what happens.

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