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Comment Re:Raises a question? (Score 1) 1012

I worked closely with the kernel and firmware engineers at Apple for the last 4 years. They have never intentionally disabled any hacks, unlocks, or unofficially supported hardware. The changes that cause them to stop working were done solely to fix other bugs or to enable new features. It's not vindictive. I know, I helped make some of those decisions.

Comment Re:Who wants to update?? (Score 2, Interesting) 1012

Consider that code support for a processor is non-trivial. While they may have added support for the Atom at some point, there is a cost to keeping that support functional. When working on other features in the kernel, it may very well be easier to remove the support for a processor that isn't officially supported than to keep it working. This is especially true for OS X which frequently changes their power management scheme for Intel processors.

Comment Re:Fifty votes from "executives"? (Score 3, Informative) 189

Speaking as a former Apple employee: so _that's_ why a bunch of senior engineers in the hardware devision were let go or put in such a horrible situation that they left. Apple isn't being that great to their engineers and is focusing more on how hard they can drive them to produce new products every 6 months.

Comment Re:Encoding? (Score 1) 284

Actually, all labels are restricted to the characters allowed for ARPANET hosts. The spec does state that implementations should store labels as a length octect followed by a sequence of octets, thus implying that any compliant software _should_ handle UTF8, but no one wants to take that chance.

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 135

... I've heard a 486 serving static pages can manage to fill a T1 line.

It isn't _that_ hard to saturate 1.544Mbps. Most cable/DSL downlink speeds are faster than that. Now, a T3 is a bit more challenging, but nothing a single decent machine can't handle.

Comment Re:Dock/Taskbar design (Score 0, Troll) 688

And how does your system compare spec-wise to a fully decked out mac pro? It doesn't. A top of the line mac pro would include (2) Nehalem processors (8 cores total), 32GB of RAM, 4TB of disk.... Your system doesn't even come close.

In terms of the $4k mac pro, it still outspecs what you've listed. If you are going to do comparisons, at least use comparable parts.

Comment Re:It's all about the API (Score 3, Interesting) 177

Interface Builder lets you choose to specify offsets from either side for both axes (top/bottom for Y and left/right for X). Further it lets you defined resize behaviors. The only apps that will be bitten by a change in screen dimensions are those from developers who didn't bother to learn what those controls do and assumed that the screen size will just never change.

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