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Comment Facebook has no right to comment (Score 2) 277

Facebook has no right to comment on this. We're talking about a person's right to privacy, not a corporation's right to privacy.

Facebook is not a person; it is a corporation. It has one end goal: to make money. Everything Facebook says is driven by that one goal. If Facebook says that the right for people to be forgotten would harm privacy, what it really means is that the right for people to be forgotten would reduce Facebook's profits.

Comment Re:One Question About Arndt That I Care About: (Score 1) 321

The one question I care about is this: Is Arndt a fan? Does he have an old Boba Fett action figure that he's kept since they came out (and not one in mint condition, one where most of the paint has worn off by handling)? Does he have a dog eared copy of the Thrawn trilogy? Does he still have the VHS original series--for obvious reasons--even though he no longer has a VCR? Does he care about the story and does he recognize why fans over 12 are miffed? I'm not asking whether he's a bat-shit crazy fan like, say, myself or my wife. I'm not talking about the kind of fan who cannot talk about the prequels in polite company, such a person would have trouble writing the new movies. I'm talking about the kind of fan who, unlike Lucas [], recognizes that once art is made other people invest themselves in it. A person who's willing to respect that.

It should be noted that Nicholas Meyer -- who co-wrote the screenplay for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- had never seen Star Trek before, yet managed to create arguably the best of the Star Trek movies. One doesn't necessarily need to be a long time fan of a franchise in order to create a great work from it.

Comment And yet (Score 1) 531

And yet, most Slashdotters who read this will go to the polls on Tuesday and cast a vote in favor of this exact sort of behavior from their government.

"Oh, but the wrong lizard might get in," they cry, "we have to vote for the lesser of two evils!"

So Sladotters vote for the lesser of two evils, then complain when evil wins the election.


I know I shouldn't be so hard on you Americans since you don't really have free elections (I don't consider elections where the electorate is brainwashed by overwhelmingly powerful corporate interests via the media and militarized police forces into voting for the two pro-corporate-interest parties to be "free"). :-\

Comment Re:lawsuit time? (Score 1) 770

We're okay with insanely rich people...

This appears to be the root cause of most/all of the major problems facing Western democracies. A system whereby everyone is supposed to have relatively equal power to influence the government does not work when some individuals are allowed to become many orders of magnitude wealthier (and therefore more powerful) than everyone else.

As strange as it may seem, it is very likely that freedom and empowerment for all ultimately requires a maximum limit on personal wealth.

Comment Re:Dawkin's is a piss poor social scientist (Score 1) 862

Can you provide ONE example of his Bigotry? I can name thousands of example how Religions around the world are Bigots to non-believers!

Calling all religious believers "delusional" by definition, meets your criteria fully.

Is it really bigotry if it's true? Typical religious beliefs *are* delusions. The real world does not work the way religions typically describe. I know because for many years I used to suffer from such a delusion. Now that my eyes are opened, it's the only way to explain how I could have possibly believed such nonsense without ANY evidence to back it up.

The only place religion really belongs is in the DSM.

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