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Comment Only one way? (Score 1) 207

When there is only one way to express an idea or function, then everyone is free to do so and no one can monopolize that expression.

What if there are only two ways? Is everyone supposed to hope their implementation is the non-copyrighted one? If not, then what if there are three ways? Or four? Five? When does the stupidity of copyright law actually start applying to code? Is it really when there are just two ways of doing the same thing?

Comment Re:Yeah, no. (Score 1) 456

What does 9/11 have to do with Iraq? Nothing. So why are you bringing it up? No one said it did. No one thinks it did.

I don't think anyone has to really do much to disprove your assertions that no one said Iraq was linked to 9/11 and that no one believed Iraq was linked to 9/11 beyond suggesting you google "iraq 9/11".

What you're doing here is akin to claiming the earth's atmosphere is 90% hydrogen cyanide. It's so obviously wrong that there's almost no need to point that fact out.

Comment Purchasing This Movie (Score 1) 77

You can buy a link to a digital copy of this 21 minute movie from the film's website for about $3 via Paypal/credit card/whatever. Please consider dropping a few bucks their way if you watch this film. This is an independent short film, not a piece of shit from the corrupt Hollywood machine, and its creators deserve monetary recognition from those in society who appreciate the film.

By all means continue to pirate Hollywood movies, however.

Comment Re:World of Goo (Score 2) 279

I second World of Tanks. It's one of the most "perfect" games I've ever seen. In *every* way -- sound, graphics, gameplay -- it gets straight 'A's. From the desktop to driving your tank takes about a minute, and battles are capped at 10 minutes in length. It's a great game to just pick up and play for fifteen minutes.

The game is free to play, but you can opt to pay a monthly fee to increase the speed at which you gain experience and money. And although you can pay money to buy certain items that can give you a slight edge in battle, the game is most certainly *not* pay-to-win.

Battles are arranged in two random teams of 15 players, and there are several variations on the basic game of destroy all enemies or capture their base. Tanks are all arranged into tiers based on their strength, and the random battle matchmaker tries its best to keep players from going up against unbeatable enemies.

I just can't say enough good things about this game, but I'll have to cut myself short here. For the serious and casual gamer alike, World of Tanks is right at or near the top of the "best game in the world" list.

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