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Comment Re:Deutsche Telekom still doesn't want T-Mobile (Score 2) 51

Most of the issue with AT&T buying T-Mobile is that then AT&T would become the only national GSM cellular provider. The main point of GSM type providers from my consumer related point of view is that you can buy an unlocked phone and jump between services with a simple switch of the SIM card. You can't do that with Verizon or Sprint. Honestly, If I thought that Verizon would become GSM based, I'd be happy to see them buy T-Mobile but that would cost them a fortune in network changes so I don't think that'd happen. However, if Sprint bought T-Mobile and started switching to a GSM/LTE network then they could just phase out their current devices over the next five years or so and just build out T-Mobile's current towers. Therefore, there would still be two GSM providers and the current bottom two players in the national cellular scene would become more competitive with the 'big boys'.

Comment Re:Sucks for corporate use (Score 1) 445

This is my issue. I generally install the latest stable version of Firefox with AdBlock Plus on my computer repair customers systems after telling them about the issues inherent with IE. However, this move is going to make me switch to Chrome for my customers even though that means installing for each individual user account since Google decided that it was a good idea to install into the AppData directory....

Structure In Brain Linked To Varied Social Life 96

An anonymous reader writes "Scientists have discovered that the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped structure deep within the temporal lobe, is important to a rich and varied social life among humans. The finding was published this week in a new study in Nature Neuroscience and is similar to previous findings in other primate species, which compared the size and complexity of social groups across those species."

Comment Re:I still prefer desktops. (Score 1) 430

Why would you want wireless in a desktop anyway?

Because I can't drill holes in floors and walls that I don't own in order to run cables. I know others who only have Internet access via wireless connections. Neither one of these scenarios are that obscure.

I'm just running a 50 foot Cat 6 cable across the first floor, up the stairs, and across the hall to the room where this desktop is. No drilling required. Also the wireless interference around here is horrible. Too many people who know just enough to switch to 802.11n but not enough to reduce transmit power or check for interference *sigh*

Comment Re:Fat chance...:( (Score 1) 394

There was a case like this in the local newspaper recently. An older woman cashed 6 $20 gold coins. The teller gave up $120 cash out of his pocket and pocketed the coins. He was subsequently fired and the bank (IIRC a Chase branch) manager noted that their tellers are supposed to inform patrons of the true value of their coins before accepting them.

Comment Re:Thats what they get (Score 1) 593

Hmm I'm involved with a FIRST robotics team at a local high school and I've seen rivets used on some quite advanced machines recently. I've even seen what happens when a persons hand ends up where the pieces of metal to be joined are supposed to be. Lets just say that I'll be quite careful not to repeat that mans mistake.

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