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Comment Full quote (Score 5, Informative) 641

As it often happens the summary is rather sensationalist, as I would not dare accuse anyone of actually RTFA, here's Shuttleworth's full response (with which I could not agree more):

Mark Shuttleworth wrote on 2010-03-17: Re: [Bug 532633] Re: [light-theme] please revert the order of the window controls back to "menu:minimize, maximize, close" #167

On 15/03/10 23:42, Pablo Quirós wrote:
> It'd have been nice if this comment had been made some time ago,
> together with a deep reasoning on the concrete changes that are in mind.
> We are supposed to be a community, we all use Ubuntu and contribute to
> it, and we deserve some respect regarding these kind of decisions. We
> all make Ubuntu together, or is it a big lie?

We all make Ubuntu, but we do not all make all of it. In other words, we
delegate well. We have a kernel team, and they make kernel decisions.
You don't get to make kernel decisions unless you're in that kernel
team. You can file bugs and comment, and engage, but you don't get to
second-guess their decisions. We have a security team. They get to make
decisions about security. You don't get to see a lot of what they see
unless you're on that team. We have processes to help make sure we're
doing a good job of delegation, but being an open community is not the
same as saying everybody has a say in everything.

This is a difference between Ubuntu and several other community
distributions. It may feel less democratic, but it's more meritocratic,
and most importantly it means (a) we should have the best people making
any given decision, and (b) it's worth investing your time to become the
best person to make certain decisions, because you should have that
competence recognised and rewarded with the freedom to make hard
decisions and not get second-guessed all the time.

It's fair comment that this was a big change, and landed without
warning. There aren't any good reasons for that, but it's also true that
no amount of warning would produce consensus about a decision like this.

> If you want to tell us
> that we are all part of it, we want information, and we want our opinion
> to be decisive.

No. This is not a democracy. Good feedback, good data, are welcome. But
we are not voting on design decisions.


Comment someone didnt bother (Score 4, Informative) 68

to ask the source:

requires a login, etc but if your going to develop for an iphone you might as well save yourself some headbashing and sign up.


Submission + - 220MPH Solar-Powered Bullet Train on AZ horizon (

Mike writes: "An ambitious Arizona company has recently revealed plans for a solar powered bullet train that will streak across the desert at 220mph, traveling from Tuscon to Phoenix in 30 minutes flat. Proposed by Solar Bullet LLC, the system comprises a series of tracks that would serve stations including Chandler, Casa Grande, Red Rock and Marana, and may one day stretch as far as Mexico City. The train would require 110 megawatts of electricity, which would be generated by solar panels mounted above the tracks."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - New iPhone upgrade details leaked (

Tom Jackson writes: "Rumors have been buzzing about a hardware update for the iPhone for a long time now, but a Chinese forum has just posted the most specific details yet. And they look pretty good. Among other things they suggest the expected memory increase up to 32GB, a built in digital compass, an improved camera CCD up to 3 megapixels with auto-focus, a back-lit home button, and most importantly a CPU boost up to 600MHz over the current 400MHz processor."

Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 1) 325

Last i checked the Nigerian scams, hackers accounts for pushing spam, scammers, and V1agra sellers are all using bank accounts.

AFAIK, its usually small African banks that don't have agreements with other banks worldwide (visa anyone ?) preventing fraudulent and illegal transactions...

Transfer your money there, ask some idiot to pick it up - or better yet, get an actual nigerian setup for someone to help get the money out of the country.
I hear Western union isn't easily trackable either when you have a network of people working to earn their 10k out (compared to your cool 1mil).


Submission + - Prison for Pirate Bay 1

a_n_d_e_r_s writes: The four persons behind the Pirate Bay accused of helping others to commit copyright infringement has today received their sentence of 1 year in prison and about 30 MSEK in damages and loss of the computer equpment that was used to host the Pirate bay. It will most likely be appealed to a higher court. This is reported all over the net BBC and Routers Skimming through the verdict(warning large PDF in SWEDISH) it looks like they where all found guilty as having a general knowledge that the Pirate Bay can be used for copyright infringement and thus where found guilty of the crime. Even though the accused was not even aware of the torrents that was part of the court hearing they where sentenced. This is the real interesting issue — by not even giving an aperance to fight against that their site being used for copyright infringements probably was the important factor that made the court found them guilty. The sentencing is not unexpected (max verdict is 2 years in prison) and the damages is about 1/3 of what the companies that has requested damages had requested. Notice that no punitive damages is applicable.

Comment not racism, but alienation (Score 2, Interesting) 329

while i understand the premise behind this move (its always about money, aint it ? ;) ), it will have serious consequences:
less users from countries that do not get the service for free.
this leads to less of an incentive for bands from those countries to sign up, publish their music for free (or for money - doesn't really matter).
and that means that the sole reason for which i love - the amazing variety of music from every corner of the globe available on it - will be gone.
it will become just like any bog standard radio station, pushing britney spears, pussycat dolls and just5 (no disrespect - the mentioned are just not my thing ;) ).
im sure that others will agree that the amazing variety of music in the system is an enormous advantage of, and loosing it will lead to a slow decay of the service.

having said that - im in the UK, and will be receiving the service for free.
and having said _THAT_ i wouldn't mind at all if the service became a globally paid service, and everyone was required to pitch in to keep/raise the quality - i would pay for it myself.

Comment its a 'web' (Score 3, Interesting) 304

so shouldnt they be cutt off from the global network, but still have a working 'web' of their own ?
They must have their own servers, anything going into that cable is just a 'foreign' request.

Those are important - sure, but i would gather they dont make up more then 40% of all requests.

But only some of the routes should be down, and they still should have a very large lan, with dns, www, email and anything else they have on the spot, and im willing to bet that the ISP's there have stuff like that.
IIRC the web wasnt just designed to be foolproof, it was also designed to be autonomus once disconected from other networks.
Or am i missing something here, and all that they have is cables, no other infrastructure ?

Submission + - Entering Passwords Through Eye Movement (

Stu Dennison writes: EyePassword is a system that mitigates the issues of shoulder surfing via a novel approach to user input. With EyePassword, a user enters sensitive input (password, PIN, etc.) by selecting from an on-screen keyboard using only the orientation of their pupils (i.e. the position of their gaze on screen), making eavesdropping by a malicious observer largely impractical.

Submission + - blocked in Turkey ( 2

unity100 writes: " domain has been blocked by monopoly infrastructure backbone provider Turkish Telekom in Turkey. Turkish internet users are not able to reach anything with domain extension due to DNS filtering. The move is due to a recent court order, in which a controversial religious sect leader, Adnan Oktar have sued for many blogs, containing criticizm about him. Since did not respond, Turkish courts have taken the 'Turkish' way and totally blocked domain instead of blocking the blogs in question one by one. Read more in below links : ked-in-turkey/ =viewSubmission&sid=2883"


Submission + - Swede hacks governments around the world

paulraps writes: A Swedish IT consultant has caused a stir in diplomatic circles after publishing a list of secret log-in details belonging to 100 embassies, public authorities and political parties around the world. Dan Egerstad said he wasn't trying to earn money, gain publicity or get a name for himself in hacking circles. Instead he claimed that publishing the list was easier than contacting the organisations individually — and that if he had handed it to the Swedish authorities then that would have been spying.

Submission + - Water Vapor Seen on Young Star System

tonganqn writes: "Using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope scientists have discovered huge amounts of water vapor in the young star system, called NGC 1333-IRAS 4B. From the text at Water Vapor Seen on Young Star System, scientists say that "the water vapor is pouring down from the system's natal cloud and smacking into a dusty disk where planets are thought to form". This certaintly is a important step forward in space exploration. We are getting closer to someday find life in other stars systems."

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