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Comment I knew this 14yrs ago (Score 1) 139

This is rather old news.
My son is almost 14. We had in our birth plan to leave the cord alone for a while so he would get the stem cells.
Unfortunately, it was wrapped around his neck, and additionally tied in a true knot, so when he came out pale and lifeless, the doctor clamped it off and handed me the scissors.
He turned out fine, BTW.

Comment Re:The only important thing to say (Score 2, Insightful) 91

I appreciate your stance that war is immoral, but I must point out that this is not a universally held notion.

Similarly, I appreciate the concept of non violent resistance, and think it is one of the bravest stances a person can take. However, I will choose to stand against fatigue-wearing bullies, whatever color their fatigues may be. And I choose to use the sharpest sword I can lay my hand on to do it.

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