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Comment Re:If only big government had stayed off their bac (Score 2) 308

What a crap. The blind confidence on that godess called 'free market' is driving USA to the pit.

Mankind will always have herdish behavior and ultimately free market fails to prevent common people to avoid dangerous situations. What to say about big companies.

Government control agencies, if not highly bribed, are the only means to enforce some minimum standards of security to competitive markets like energy, where companies will always happily embrace some degree of risk for the profit's sake.

Once you abolish that said agencies you will have wild competition, corporate secrecy with no obligation to report any issues to the public.

You won't even know what is gonna hit you.

GNU is Not Unix

Miguel De Icaza Forms New Mono Company: Xamarin 286

rubycodez writes "After being thrown out on the streets by Attachmate, the purchasers of Novell, Miguel De Icaza has formed a new company Xamarin to make .NET development tools for Android and iOS. The company will also provide commercial international Mono support. There are those who would say Mono poses a risk of drawing Microsoft patent or other IP litigation for its inclusion in some major Linux distributions, and that these recent events might be the beginning of the demise of widespread use of Mono and other .NETiness in open source software, a good thing."

Comment Re:Tsunami: 22,000 dead - nuclear, how many exactl (Score 1) 673

You are an idiot.

Definetly, there is not much that can be done about the tsunami. It happened already and the Japanese are teaching the world a lesson regarding to displaced people management.

The point is just about the nukes. They are still there leaking and there is not known extent to the disaster at this moment. There are not possible forecast about toxic waste disposition in the next hundred years in that region.

That's all that fuss's about. Now you may go repeat mindlessly some pro nuke agenda.

The point of people opposing to nuclear power - and being labeled here and there as tree huggers or something similar - is that YOU can't control their worst effects after all. It's just risk management: There is a point when it becomes just unmanageable.

Think of the wasteland created by Chernobyl and the yet-to-be-known wasteland that's being created there in Japan right now.

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