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Submission + - Pedal to the Metal: Overclocking the Athlon CPU (pcper.com)

Vigile writes: "Even with processors well exceeding the performance needs of most, overclocking is still a practice used by hardware enthusiasts. And even though the art of the overclock has improved dramatically, with all the new options, settings and considerations that go into overclocking a system beyond its rated speeds, the task can be daunting for anyone new to the game. A new educational article over at PC Perspective starts from the beginning with detailed descriptions of the how's and why's behind overclocking. A walk through of picking the right CPU, motherboard, memory and even power supply is included as is a typical BIOS setup and configuration process. This is really a great article for anyone that new, or rusty, to overclocking."

Submission + - Neighbors Fight to Stop Backyard Windmill

An anonymous reader writes: It was bound to happen. Man wants to build a windmill in his backyard to obtain clean energy for his house. Main obtains correct permits and builds the windmill. Neighbors aren't happy and sue man. This is exactly what's happening to Michael Mercurio of Beach Haven Terrace, NJ. Mr Mercurio, whose windwill and 56 solar panels on his roof supply roughly 97% of his usage, is being sued by some neighbors because his 40' windwill is too tall, produces too much noise for their liking, and causes "strobe-like shadows" across their properties. Mercurio is fighting the lawsuit, not only because he wants to keep the windmill because of its positive environmental aspects, but because he is the owner of a 4 year old company which supplies and installs windmills. This may become an interesting test case for future home installations of windmills.

Submission + - PC World 10 worst PC's of all time. (pcworld.ca)

OmniBeing writes: "PC worlds run down of the top 10 worst machines of all time. The only thing that surprised me about this list is Compaq didn't make it at all. Although I would have to agree with their #1 slot, Packard Bell, no specific model, the entire product line. Thinking back to when I had to service those things, it's small wonder they fled the country. I'm sure Radio Shack employees everywhere couldn't have been happier."

Submission + - Trials of Reverting a Notebook from Vista to XP

penguin_dance writes: "As if you need another reason to hate Microsoft or Vista, here's another one: They made it virtually impossible to delete Vista and install Windows XP. But part of the blame needs to go to the hardware manufacturers who have apparently removed their XP drivers.

Thor Schrock's blog tells how the team did it which involves a lot of hassles trying to find the right drivers.

Obviously it would be better to buy the laptop with Windows XP (or even better, nothing, installed.) Which begs the question, "Where's the best place to buy an up-to-date laptop without Vista?" (not a mac, please.)"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - In Soviet Oregon, skateboard shreds you

An anonymous reader writes: If you have an old torpedo or Asteroids console game lying around, how are you going to get rid of it?
From TFA:
The document-shredders at Enron's accounting firm had nothing on SSI Shredding Systems.
The Wilsonville industrial shredding company (www.ssiworld.com) sneers at mere paper. SSI doesn't even blink at shredding a torpedo — and has the video to prove it.
Every month, SSI's "Shred of the Month" features a YouTube video of an SSI shredder making mincemeat of yet another unlikely object.
April's shredding video shows a defused torpedo being torpedoed by a Dual-Shear M100 hydraulic shredder. The result was a pile of metal shards, measuring 2 inches to 6 inches across.
A link to SSI's Top 10 videos takes you to mattresses (No. 10), an entire boat (No. 5), a couch (No. 3) and a BMW (No. 1).

SSI "Watch it Shred" page:

Submission + - Man dies trying to use laptop while driving

Scoopy writes: "The Sacramento Bee reports that a 28-year-old Chico, CA man was killed Monday after he lost control of his car while working on his laptop computer while driving, according to the California Highway Patrol.

"We have reason to believe he was operating his laptop because it was still on and plugged into the cigarette lighter," said CHP Cmdr. Scott Silsbee."

Submission + - The 8 challenges of virtualizing your data center

coondoggie writes: "The benefit of virtualizing x86 servers is clear: break the link between software and hardware and create the foundation for a more dynamic, flexible and efficient data center. But the road to a virtual data center isn't without its twists and turns. The move to a virtual environment must be done carefully and with an understanding of how the new infrastructure will change IT planning and management. What follows is a list of eight virtualization "gotchas" — hurdles that users may face as they deploy virtual environments — that we've compiled through discussions with IT professionals, analysts and vendors. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/022307-virtu alization-data-center.html"

Submission + - Linux on Dell Laptops? It could happen.

MilwaukeeCharlie writes: CIO magazine is reporting that a Dell-hosted blog called Dell Idea Storm, unveiled Feb 16, has generated over six thousand requests for Linux to be pre-installed on Dell laptops, making it the most popular request on the blog.

Other popular requests were for Open Office and Firefox. Are advocates of open source software better organized in posting to Dell Idea Storm? With how many grains of salt should we take these requests, considering the unscientific nature of online polls? Finally, do you think it will ever happen?

Submission + - Google screws over Owner of popular OSS project

buhatkj writes: The guy who runs the popular OSS 3d engine project Irrlicht just got banned from Google AdSense, after an accusation of click fraud!
From the Blog Post:

"Maybe you've noticed, for the last few days some google ads appeared on this blog, but they have disappeared now again. That's because I just got banned from google adsense for life time (as it seems), although I didn't do anything wrong."

Not only that, but they are witholding monies already earned by his ads prior to the accusation.

"In that mail, they did not even tell me any information about their problem with my ads, only "invalid clicks or page impressions". No IP adresses, no channel ID, no website, no time or date, no amount of clicks, nothing. No way for me to find out what was wrong. There was the possibility to contradict, and I tried to explain some possible causes like the sudden increased amount of traffic, but they ignored me. The interesting thing: They now even won't pay out the money I already earned before the occurance of their 'invalid clicks' assert. "

Check out the full story HERE

Submission + - Open Source Router - Vyatta Version 2.0

Tom writes: "Vyatta today announced that Vyatta Community Edition 2 (VC2) is now available for download from the Vyatta web site. VC2 is the latest freely-available, community-supported release of Vyatta's open-source router/firewall product. In comparison to the previous release, VC2 delivers improved performance and hardware compatibility while enabling greater community innovation through its compatibility with Debian GNU/Linux. http://www.vyatta.com/about/pressreleases.php?id=2 8"

Submission + - No New Spending on Outsourcing in 2007

DebNY writes: "CIO Insight has released a report that says that while IT budgets at midsize firms are up 8.6 percent this year, spending on outsourcing remains flat. Inestad, mid-market companies will build up their own capabilities, particularly in virtualization, business intelligence and disaster recovery. This seems to contradict an earlier report from eWeek that claims that CIOs will increase their spending with external service providers significantly in 2007."

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