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Comment Re:I think (Score 1) 351

It's more that they've lost territory, but are winning the war. You can't break the latest update on the Wii without owning specific, unpopular games. The old ones used incredibly common games or required no game at all, but how many people are going to buy an obscure game just to install a software hack?

You could buy a modchip for the same price, and that will always work.

Comment Re:Analysis of tones? (Score 1) 222

It's changed a few times, but it has essentially just been broadcasting the same thing for decades, excepting the spoken word transmissions.

Subtle encoding are completely useless for number stations, so it's unlikely it does that anyway. The point of number stations is that they broadcast to huge areas using shortwave, in easily recordable formats. This way, agents in foreign territory can use basic shortwave radios that can be found anywhere, and decode the messages using the one-time pads they are issued with. This method of encryption is impossible to break, and can be done with essentially no equipment.

Comment Re:Why so discriminating? (Score 1) 1036


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Comment Re:Prey (Score 2, Insightful) 312

To be honest, this story sounds like they did almost exactly that.

Obviously an investigation is needed, but doesnt this situation seem most likely:
Student reports his school laptop stolen so he can keep it for himself
School activates anti-theft software (which includes webcam)
School recieves image of said student, proving he lied to steal the laptop
School sends letter to student's parents telling them what their child has done.

Now I don't know if that's true, but frankly it sounds more believable than some evil school big brother conspiracy. I guess the the FBI investigation will find out in the end though.

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