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Comment Re:Question for the free Apple marketing team (Score 1) 501

This still? When will you insecure nerdy types realize that the Apple-as-fashion-accessory comment says more about you than it does the Apple user?

You miss the point entirely but for the sake of discussion let me add that since Apple has more or less reached market saturation, "Apple users" are not a clearly defined group anymore.

Comment Re:No, not OK! (Score 1) 588

Ohhhwww... So... my grandmother only has to go out to the computer store _again_ to buy an external HD, lookup what a "recovery partition" is and what the procedure is to upload that to the external HD [she would call it the little box I guess]. Then find out which are the "chunks of space that is supposed to be a trial of Office" and how to get rid of this nonsens. Probably that is just as easy as pressing the "big blue E" for internet?

Seriously? Your grandmother is going to buy a Surface Pro? Second, if she does she'll be asking YOU for support (lucky you!). And third, I highly doubt she'll notice or care about the 23GB of storage left. Photos of the grand-kids only takes up so much space and all the electronic board and card games are online now anyway.

All those Matlock episodes in HD that they download from p2p take a lot of place.

Comment Re:My Ass (Score 1) 633

Sounds like what he got in trouble for was being a responsible developer and informing the university of the flaw. He got praises from the developers and IT people from the company who wrote the software but then the president of the company (not the university) went apeshit and claimed he was hacking them. I suspect the University was unhappy with the company for the problem and the company decided to take it out on the person who embarrassed them.

After he reported the issue, instead of letting the vendor and college deal with the situation he went back and ran a scanner to "see if the problem is fixed". That is the actual issue and that is, indeed, a direct violation of Canadian law. You can check whatever data you receive but scanning someone else's server for a vulnerability without his consent is illegal.

My guess is, the guy was high on the praise he got for his discovery and tried to find more to milk it. Lame.

Comment Bottom line: not worth it (Score 5, Interesting) 64

From a probability point of view, here is the true value of that thing:

(Total prize: $50,000 + $10,000) / (Number of challengers: 30) = $2,000

The access to the API is limited to 3 weeks. This means that what they offer is the privilege of working for $16 per hour as long as you initially provided a good idea for free.

Financially speaking, one is better off working at Mikee Dees for 3 weeks and using the wages to buy lottery tickets (you also get free soft drinks while you work if I'm not mistaken).

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

What does your gender has to do with this discussion? This is what sexism is all about: feeling that being a man makes someone more suited to have an opinion about anything. And yet y'all bitchin about me saying that men are not attracted to ugly girls... Sad.

And I won't even get into the straight/gay thing that you bring up or the fact that from a thread you can tell if you like or dislike someone (not just their comments). I think you have issues.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

Fact is - being "too smart" is a reason some women get rejected

You have no witness, no stats, no documentation to back this. That's not a *fact*, that's an *hypothesis* (and a weak one) with no actual way to be demonstrated since your hypothesis conveniently includes a provision that mentions that men who do reject women because of their brains don't talk about it. Instead of providing supporting information for your point you only rephrase it again and again. Maybe you think that 62,400 repetitions make one truth?

You may dislike my quotes and try to diss them by applying insulting labels to whoever say those things, but it remains that they bear more truth than your wishful thinking. If you think that by getting your panties in a bunch and making a fuss on a Slashdot thread you will change how the world works, you're in for a big disappointment.

Men don't dislike smart women, they dislike naggers and ugly women. It's not sexist, it's the truth, even if you wish that it would be different. Deal with it or go curl up with a Danielle Steele novel, your choice.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

And you not only have plenty of close friends with degrees, you also happen to know how much money each one is earning?

I'm not here to defend college degrees, I think they lost their value a long time ago, but I truly dislike when people make stuff up to support their point. It's like those NGO who make up statistics like "1 women in 3 will be raped in her lifetime" (which basically means that there would be on average around 2000 women raped every day in the USA); the cause is noble but going all Michael Moorish does not help.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

More PC crap. Men are not intimidated by smart women, they are repulsed by naggers and physically subpar women. The fact that naggers and ugly ducklings can happen to be smart is totally random. It's like being called a racist because you don't want to hire someone who interviews poorly but happens to be black. Lame and easy.

Besides being PC crap, your post is logically flawed. You say that men are intimidated by women but won't talk about it - then how do you know it for a fact? Did you hire a telepath on Craigslist? Please refer to my previous post to read things I've heard or said and things I've never head or said; even if you are too narrow-minded to accept it, those statements are actual facts and not mere wishful thinking. They also are not "sexist crap", which is a label that is not designed to start a discussion but rather end it.

Anyways since that "issue" with men being intimidated by smart women exists only in your mind, that's probably the only place where discussing it is relevant.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

I notice that you said "degree-holding friends", not "coworkers". Could it be that you hang out with English lit deadbeats?

Also you are lucky to work in a country where "engineer" is a generic title and does not require formal training and certification. Otherwise you'd have to call yourself a programmer like everyone else (you could throw in "analyst" in the title if it makes you feel better).

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 0) 690

List of things I've often heard (or said):
-That chick is hot but she is such a nagger, I'd rather jerk off to some asian porn than go out on a date with her
-That chick is cool and funny and smart but she got no tits so forget it, except maybe a blowjob once in a while
-That chick is cool and funny and smart but I don't like fat chicks so forget it, except maybe a blowjob once in a while when I'm drunk and I'm sure none of my friends will ever know

List of things I've never heard (or said):
-That chick is hot but boy is she smart, that scares me and I don't want to date her because of that, my ego is too big

Of course you may be the black swan (or the ugly duckling) but if I had money to put on this, I'd go with probability rather than anonymous, biased anecdote. Just sayin'.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 584

Sarah Palin looks like a dentist's secretary and Michelle Bachmann reminds me of Shannen Doherty's mother in 90210, but overall it's a lot better than Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. I wonder what would happen if the Democrats had really hot female candidates.

It's like Star Wars (the original movies); Carrie Fisher is okay-ish but I suspect that if they had picked a real knock-out for this role instead of a pouter my Star Wars experience would have been totally different. Natalie Portman did a lot to make the new movies easier to watch, if they had picked Drew Barrymore or Whoopi Goldberg I would have been bothered by Jar Jar Binks a lot more.

Looks matter in show-business, and that includes politics.

Comment Tap here (Score 1) 791

If they do, I will quickly look into Windows 8 for deployment at my job.

As it stands now, I wouldnt deploy it because it would cause too many headaches for tech support, teaching people how to use the Operating system.

Users are usually clueless enough, they don't need to be told to "tap here" when they don't have a touch screen. And for those who do have a touch screen, describing the gesture needed to move a tile is gonna be endless fun.

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