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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 584

Sarah Palin looks like a dentist's secretary and Michelle Bachmann reminds me of Shannen Doherty's mother in 90210, but overall it's a lot better than Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. I wonder what would happen if the Democrats had really hot female candidates.

It's like Star Wars (the original movies); Carrie Fisher is okay-ish but I suspect that if they had picked a real knock-out for this role instead of a pouter my Star Wars experience would have been totally different. Natalie Portman did a lot to make the new movies easier to watch, if they had picked Drew Barrymore or Whoopi Goldberg I would have been bothered by Jar Jar Binks a lot more.

Looks matter in show-business, and that includes politics.

Comment Tap here (Score 1) 791

If they do, I will quickly look into Windows 8 for deployment at my job.

As it stands now, I wouldnt deploy it because it would cause too many headaches for tech support, teaching people how to use the Operating system.

Users are usually clueless enough, they don't need to be told to "tap here" when they don't have a touch screen. And for those who do have a touch screen, describing the gesture needed to move a tile is gonna be endless fun.

Comment Re:Nice Little Bankster $hill (Score 1) 584

Of course I'm a bankster $hill. It's a well-known fact that Wall Street people have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve than promote on Slashdot the dirty, nasty, disgusting capitalistic agenda that so far has led the modern civilization fairly well.

Could things be better? Sure. Could things be better by listening to stoners who have nothing else to do than go sit in a park and send tweets and instagrams of their little May 68 moment? I don't think so. Anyways whenever someone put a mike under their noses they always start babbling idiotic commie propaganda, it's probably not even possible to clearly establish what they stand for or how it could be enacted.

And if you think that you have it as bad as the French people before the Revolution or as the victims of the holocaust, you are not only a loud mouth and a whiner but also a disrespectful brat. Get lost.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 336

It wasn't that they were packing actual P4's with RAMBUS in there**, but that they packed in 2008-9's equivalent to that into the things.


** good lord - the heat factor alone would've burned the skin right off your lap...

About 10 years ago I had a Compaq Presario laptop that came with a desktop P4 CPU. That thing was getting so hot, I am surprised that it never caused a fire one of the few times I fell asleep and left it running on the bed.

I never knew if Speedfan was right but it showed a temperature of 90 Celsius for the CPU. With the fan spinning loudly all the time. Awesome piece of engineering for which I spent over $3k.

Comment Re:2010 was the end (Score 1) 336

I did not have a good experience with the Aspire One. Felt cheap and battery went dead quickly, plus it came with a watered-down Linux distro and it took a long time to install something else because the hardware is cheap.

For work I just got an Iconia W5. It's a 10-inch table that comes with a keyboard that looks a lot like the Aspire One keyboard. But the tablet has better performance than a netbook. This one comes with Windows 8 which is interesting in tablet mode (graphics are nice and smooth) but becomes weird in non-tablet mode (such as when you have a mouse and yet it says: "touch here to close the window" - I can already feel the pain for helpdesk people all over the world in years to come).

Comment Re:The make it now (Score 2) 336

Agreed. I once had a Aspire One and it was not convenient. Now I have a Lenovo X220 (the laptop one, not convertible). It is tiny, very reliable, big workhorse and 14h battery life. Just over a thousand bucks.

However nowadays with ultrabooks it's a no-brainer to get a 12-inch beast instead. For those who don't want a Mac: Asus, Samsung and Toshiba have ultrabooks that are thinner and lighter than a Macbook Air and also offer much more performance for less money. The Zenbook is pretty awesome.

Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 584

if I have to choose one side, at least I know one thing. The Tea Party guys are, and will always be, wrong.

According to Wikipedia: "Tea Party supporters are mainly white and slightly more likely to be male, married, older than 45, more conservative than the general population, and likely to be more wealthy and have more education."

Somehow this does not jive with the fact that they picked Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann as their leaders. Maybe they just watch them on tv with no sound.

Comment Re: Who Cares? (Score 1) 584

Don't flatter yourself, you "educated" nobody. This was just like a NRA event or a pro-life protest or a Westboro Baptist Church picket line - people who agreed before still agree, people who disagreed before still disagree. No change whatsoever, just noise and waste. This whole thing was people playing revolution without a cause (and without risk).

You got away with being a public nuisance. If that gives you a hard-on, good for you. But you changed nothing except help a bunch of NYPD cops to get a fat overtime bonus for their "repression" (which I prefer to call: enforcing the democratically agreed-upon social order), and that money did not come out of your pockets.

Next time you want to change the world by repeating the same empty propaganda, give everyone a break and just open a fucking blog. Who knows you may get +1s.

Comment Re:Facebook..shower of bastards (Score 1) 241

I only report to one person, who in turn reports to one VP, who in turn reports to one SVP, who in turn reports to a Director, who in turn reports to Meg Whitman.

... and Meg Whitman is born in New-York City, where Kevin Bacon went to launch his acting career. You win!

The company I'm employed by is "Hewlett Packard Ltd." [...] Try not to act too bitter about it though.

I am not sure why you picked HP. If one wants to pretend that he is working for a famous company, why not pick a successful one? Or if you really wanted to associate with losers, Zynga or Groupon would have been more impressive.

Comment Re:Facebook..shower of bastards (Score 1) 241

It would have been more convincing if your story had taken into consideration the fact that the company is usually called "HP" and that they have shitloads of VPs, not one, but just for the sake of avoiding more of that bullshit story I'll agree that if an executive makes a phone call to get his retarded cousin a job in the mail room HR may end up binding the rules. Bravo.

Comment Re:Facebook..shower of bastards (Score 1) 241

in most large companies you can't go about hiring people without following the official process

I was hired by a very large company two years ago. My hiring process was essentially backwards: I did a 'phone interview with the VP first where he did most of the talking, was told I'd got the job and then spoke to to the HR person. The HR step was just a formality; she'd already been instructed to hire me.

Personal connections always beat the official process.

That must be indeed a very large company if "the" VP took the time to make a phone interview. I guess he then told the CEO all about you and together they pressured the head of HR to bypass the typical hiring process while they were all waiting for they turn to use the microwave in the break room.

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