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Comment Re:Will not happen (Score 1) 242

That was Old School terror designed to target proles who are the equivalent of Star Trek redshirts. It works, but the elites don't fear it and in the case of 9/11 even exploit it!

New School, like the brilliant whacking of Alfred Herrhausen by a precision explosive charge or US drone attacks, reaches out to specific high-value targets. For those specific targets the threat is real and coerces them to defend against it. Such attacks don't require an attacker be on the scene making them a logical way to go. Someone wanting to manipulate a pacemaker could put a remotely activated device in, for example, an ordinary looking large plastic electrical enclosure, attach it to a streetlamp or hide it any number of ways, then wait for the target to come in range. It could stay dormant for a long time, even years if power was tapped from a steady source.

Comment Re:Yikes (Score 1) 419

The TPublicans are also heavily astroturfed, and largely religious fanatics. Real Libertarians are as rare as hens teeth.

No fair ignoring that along with the decent bits!

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

Didn't hear any of THAT from the people who later formed the Tea Party until there was a "nigger" in the White House operating the same police state the GOP built to go after a different variety of brown people. Amusingly, Obama (who the Teapublicans consider a "Muslim") is further Right than the Bushies in terms of killing AQ terrs.

Wake me when the TPs go after corporate welfare with the same gusto they go after programs that benefit the American workforce in general. Wake me when they favor slashing the War Department which provides economic/military subsidies to our Pacific competitors. Wake me when they aren't bootlicking Tel Aviv whose administrations they confuse with the Chosen People.
Wake me when most of them aren't Dixiecrats by another name.

I wanted to like the TP, but all they are is the inevitable result of the GOP Southern Strategy.

Comment Re:Terrorist? (Score 4, Insightful) 242

Precisely. There is only "war" of different kinds and at varying levels.

"Terror" is pretty effective though. Nations which lose hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed to socially acceptable causes (smoking, obesity, auto crashes) can easily be terrified into implementing structurally toxic changes by the trivial loss of a few thousand killed in one small location. I wouldn't want to be under a massive bombardment either, but once upon a time nations knew they could take massive casualties yet not only survive but triumph.

Give the Mamayev Kurgan monument some thought. Stalingrad cost more Soviet dead than the US lost in all its wars, but they refused to lose. Commies or not, they had balls.

Comment Re:Pot, Kettle, let me introduce Mr. Black Hole (Score 1) 419

Like systemd or not, equating systemd and upstart as equivalent is either ignorant or dishonest.

I guess saying such a thing will get me labelled an extremist in Ubuntu circles. It's no surprise to me that the gentoo guys do the best job comparing the available choices.

Comment Did Huawei Rebuff the NSA? (Score 5, Interesting) 183

There was a Snowden brief a short while ago that showed that one of the major switch vendors had given NSA a direct backdoor into their products. One of the people covering that story said something like, "I can't tell you that it's Cisco, but it's Cisco". The real problem with this situation is that we really don't know which of these things is true.

Back when the USG banned the use of Huawei products, most people assumed that it meant that there was spying functionality in it that had been discovered. However, in light of Bull Run, it's definitely worth asking if what might have happened is that they refused to install spying technology and the USG report was meant as a way to discredit the company and prevent its market penetration.

Comment Re:Reasonable à la carte prices??? (Score 4, Insightful) 223

People are not willing to delay viewing.

Some people aren't, so they pay the premium. The producers of the content know that they want it so bad they can charge huge margins.

Over here, we only watch a few shows, but some of them are delayed a year on Netflix. They're just as enjoyable.

When I did have pay-tv service, I used to watch NFL Primetime - all the games of the week condensed into a half hour, which contained most of the plays that actually went anywhere. I don't watch it anymore, since we just have Netflix now - it was interesting, but I don't really miss it much.

I'm much happier to use the delta in cash for RL activities.

Comment Re:What purpose does HFT serve? (Score 1) 321

You vote for people who represent you

On any given issue, a representative will have to choose to represent one faction of his constituency and betray the other.

Then there are the people who voted for the other guy and the people who chose to cast no vote at all.

In a typical election, it's about 20% of the total population who supports the winning candidate, and on any given vote, he's representing only about 20% of that population (no matter which way he votes), assuuming a roughly 50/50 party system (plurality voting).

If you figure roughly 2/3 of his base will agree with him on a given issue, he's even betraying 1/3 of his base with each vote.

Comment Re:Bullshit we won't notice (Score 4, Insightful) 466

My knees already run into the back of the seat in front of me.

The most reasonable measure of airplane seating would be a tuple: the distance from the seat to the seat back in front - the latter in both in upright and reclined mode.

I'm an inch shorter than you, and frankly I'd rather sit on a metal chair with no cushioning and humanitarian leg room than a cushioned seat with no leg room.

Heaven forbid there's ever an accident - tall people will probably wind up with fractured femurs or hips or both. No safety specs on that?

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