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Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 438

Considering the massive loss that Apple mandates the carrier eat on each unit sold, yes, they probably would prefer no direct sales.

Apple's not going to move many direct-to-consumer iPhones for the amount they charge the carriers, though. The end user is conditioned to think their subsidized price is the real price.

Comment Re:Not many people want you to support consumer te (Score 1) 533

When somebody says "I need my device that I carry with me at all times to connect to the company's mail server", they're saying "I want to do more job more efficiently."

Yes, and they think that's the best way - but they're also not solution architects.

However, the IT guy isn't denying things for shits and giggles. His job is to make sure the entire infrastructure stays up, secure, and available to everyone.

If he allows every Tom, Dick, and VP of Marketing to connect their new shiny to the network without doing his due diligence, who do you think is going to have his balls in a vise when that device goes insane and screws with the infrastructure? Not the VP of Marketing, that's for damn sure.

It's a balance. Everyone wants their new shiny, but they can't always have it. The IT guy wants a simple monoculture, but he can't have that.

Comment Keys to the kingdom (Score 2) 402

I don't think it'll be too hard.

If you keep your passwords securely in a master storage system (IE: KeePass or the like), and keep the master password for that in a physical location that your siblings will be able to get access to in the event of your demise, then they can use that to get access to all the accounts you held.

Think along the lines of those "snap cards" that were in 1980's cold war movies. The sibs have to break it open to get the master password paper, so you know it continues to be secure. There could even be instructions on the paper along with the password.

Comment Thanks, I needed that laugh (Score 4, Insightful) 131

Speaking as a team lead for tier 2 support group, that's part of the premium service desk for managed IT outsourcing (ASA 30 seconds, 70% FTR kind of thing), this made me laugh my butt off.

Yes, we get crap-tons of calls from users about mobile devices. Tom is out of touch with "real" users, he's suffering (benefiting?) from massive selection bias here. His sample base is nowhere near representative of your average corporate IT user.

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