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Comment Could hit 50 square feet? (Score 1) 484

What's this "could" hit 50 square feet? I've already got less than that.

Everyone on my team, from the techs to team leads, managers, and directors, all have the same setup. A slightly bullet-shaped pod (the line down the middle zig-zags), about 7 feet wide by 5 feet deep (7 feet deep at the longest point, the center of the bullet).

The only thing that distinguishes the "higher" positions are additions of personal filing cabinet/shelf/closet combination units.

Yes, this is a call center design. It works fine, nonetheless.

Comment Re:Everyone has skeletons. (Score 4, Interesting) 610

Sick days are for being sick.

I agree.

I get sick days, personal well-being days, and vacation days.

Sick days are for legitimate illness, short-notice.
PWB is for "I am in a mental state where I can't see my ass coming in to work and being productive", short-notice.
Vacation days are scheduled in advance.

It works well. We're happy because we don't feel shackled to the desks, and the company's happy because it has predictability in who will be available, and both sides are happier because there's no falsehoods being perpetrated.

Comment Ah, statistics (Score 4, Insightful) 305

So the percentage of handheld gaming conducted on solely gaming device fell.

What this doesn't prove is that gamers are "abandoning" the DS and PSP.

It could just as likely mean that the pool of handheld devices that are game capable has exploded.

If you had 150M handheld gaming devices back when phones sucked for gaming, and now there's a billion total - with 200M being dedicated devices and 800M being smartphones that can game effectively, then yes - the percentage that's DS/PSP plummets, while the total number still climbs.

Without some actual numbers, I'm skeptical that it's wholesale abandonment. The growth of the pool is far more likely to me.

Comment Re:So (Score 4, Insightful) 66

I would hope that they are.

The 999 system data would not be sufficiently anonymized and be too long for twitter's character limit. I would also prefer to know there's at least some separation between the E999 networks, and the general internet.

Rather than risking an automated filter, and since this is a single-day thing, it makes more sense to bruteforce it. If it was going to be a permanent fixture then I could see the value in going whole-hog and automating it.

Comment Re:FBI warning (Score 2, Interesting) 226

That damned FBI warning, plus all the "nope, you can't skip these ads" crap, is half of the reason why I rip almost all my DVD's, stick them on the file/mediaserver, and then play them through my PS/3's media client functionality. Obviously, I _don't_ rip anything but the main movie track, no more having to sit through 8 freaking ads just so my kid can watch her Thomas movie.

Comment Re:Haha (Score -1, Troll) 624

And I'm becoming increasingly jaded at those who can't tell the important part is the "United States" bit, since Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile, etc are also in the Americas, and thus their people are technically "Americans", just the same way that people from France, Germany and Switzerland are "Europeans" since their countries are in Europe.

Farking geography, how does it work?

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