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Comment Re:Don't be evil? (Score 1) 671

People keep screaming "evil," but I'm just not seeing it. They're being "nicer" than any other multi-billion corp I can name.

You don't even see it after this direct quote from the CEO? He's effectively saying that privacy is immoral, and private people are shameful.

No, he's not. He said:

"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place,"


"If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

The first raises the question, the second makes a blanket statement. Whether the question is valid or not is up for debate, but it is not like in this article Eric Schmidt has said he's going to start taking steps to curb users' privacy beyond complying with legal requirements, nor has he said that privacy is immoral.

Comment Re:Novikov self-consistency (Score 1) 194

So, according to this conjecture if the manifestation or observation of the Higgs Boson eventually lead us to develop technology with which we might otherwise violate causality, we'll never discover it.

But what decides where the line is? If this theory is true, why didn't we get hung up before the discovery of the electron?

Comment Re:No moving parts, please! (Score 1) 238

Why are they now recreating holographic media as Yet Another Spinning Disc device with parts that wear out quickly, go out of alignment, and put the media at risk of damage?

Because reusing existing spinning disc technology means saving a little money now and not improving on the future, whereas making a whole new, probably much better technology means expending more money now in order to save money in the future.

Comment Re:Missing Details (Score 1) 607

Also, cars have a much more standardized interface than software/OSes. In general, someone who's driven a Buick for the first 10 years of their driving life doesn't worry about stepping into a Mazda and not being able to find the controls, beyond something like a one minute quick scan to see that pretty much all the controls they expect are there, and in mostly the same places. Software, on the other hand, doesn't even dream of being that standardized.

Comment Re:Or you know... (Score 1) 567

And don't tell me open-source doesn't have this problem. Windows XP was released in 2001. If you asked for support and patches for, say, Mozilla Phoenix 0.3 (released 2002), you'd get laughed out of pretty much everywhere. And if you actually cared about using open-source, you'd be using Linux and you wouldn't have this problem in the first place.

It's my experience that open source upgrades don't utterly bork things between versions, nearly as much as Windows does. You just keep your system up-to-date, pay attention to your distro's news bulletins, and things go alright.

Then again, I am an IT professional with only about 3.5 years of experience. Perhaps my elders can chime in with more experience.

Comment Re:Begging the Question (Score 1) 296

A child lying to parents about what he/she is doing at a given time is often simply a defense mechanism for obtaining some privacy and a degree of control over their own life and therefore making themselves feel more adult, even though the parents might in fact know better.

That does not somehow make it right, IMHO.

Comment Re:Umm, duh? (Score 1) 281

This points to a major systemic flaw in our certification programs for voting machines. Period. End of discussion.

Go deeper. This points to a major systemic flaw in a large portion (>50%?) of humanity, in that on the whole humanity would rather have ${whatever_it_is_they_want} rather than have less but more quality stuff. Not everyone has as much attention to detail of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, scientists in general, etc.

Comment Re:if they do that (Score 1) 476

I wish I could believe in that, but I think it's the beginning of a monopoly. Then, in about two decades, people will finally wise up and start to do something. Then, another decade will pass, and a better successor will finally take hold.

The same thing is happening currently in the software industry.

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