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Comment Two things to be aware of (Score 1) 116

First, be aware that this project uses the Flexible Funding model. This is not like kickstarter; even if they don't reach their funding goal, any contributions you make still go to them. It's not an "all or nothing" deal like people are used to with kickstarter.

Flexible Funding

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. Funding duration: August 03, 2013 - September 10, 2013 (11:59pm PT).

Second, there seems to be a bit of a contradiction on the timeline for this funding. The developers mention the following:

Our goal is to fund two to three man-years of full time work on Mailpile, with our first milestone in January 2014, when we will deliver an alpha version ...

Yet later they say (emphasis mine)

This is the Mailpile business model. As long as members of our community are willing to fund development (we will ask you to renew your membership in a years' time), we will dedicate ourselves to Mailpile and build the secure web-mail client you want.

Regardless of these inconsistencies, If they stick to the schedule then there should be a stable 1.0 release out during the first year of funding/development.

Following our alpha release, we will spend another 6-9 months fixing bugs, fleshing out features, responding to user feedback and getting the user interface translated to languages other than English. Our goal is to have a stable 1.0 release ready in the summer of 2014.

Comment Re:Carrier Lock Not That Big An Issue (Score 1) 207

I dunno what time frame you're talking about but for me pre-paid has been $40-50/mo for unlimited stuff (similar to your quote) but a comparable plan with contract was 90/mo. So even with a free iPhone or comparable device I still saved quite a bit by switching to pre-paid.

The part about the contract plan that really bites is that the rate doesn't go down once your contract is fulfilled and your subsidized phone is theoretically paid up. Unless you take some form of action, you will continue to pay that same $90/mo. I wonder how many months, on the average, customers continue to pay this high rate before getting a new subsidized phone or switching carriers.

Comment Re:Carrier Lock Not That Big An Issue (Score 1) 207

I agree with you that most people won't care. However, if that were my iPhone 5, I would have sued Sprint immediately had they refused to unlock it.

No, just port your number to a different provider with a new subsidy and sell off the practically new iPhone for a profit. If they try to come after you for ETF just tell them to suck it. They breached the terms of the contract, making it null and void.

Comment Re:Carrier Lock Not That Big An Issue (Score 1) 207

It has very little to do with iPhones being locked. How many people want to use a 3 year old iPhone when you're at least 2 models behind and a 3rd is about to be released?

I just sold my old iPhone 4 for more than I paid for it after using it all throughout the subsidy, so I guess at least one person wanted it.

Comment Re:Field Stripping (Score 1) 814

To illustrate how quickly firearms can be stripped, I just timed myself as I field stripped my AK47. Including magazine removal and clearing the rifle, it took 19 seconds. I guess I'm rusty, this is *not* considered quick for an AK.

True, but AKs just sort of fall apart by themselves, don't they?

I kid.

Comment Re:no crystal ball required (Score 1) 144

. I mean, it cant get any worse than what we have now - 99.999% plain text email traffic, now can it.

Sure it can. If this is compromised or backdoored, it gives users a false sense of security. At least right now they know their email is wide open. If they chose to not care, then so be it.

Comment Re:Whats the laser used in laser wars (Score 3, Interesting) 303

It's one of the big errors that scifi movies have with lasers in space combat (the other error being that laser pulses move slow enough to be seen). even with insanely powerful lasers, they'd be practically invisible in space because there's nothing for them to reflect off. Unless, of course, you want to pretend that all laser space battles take place in dust or gas clouds...

Thus the use of sandcasters in the Traveller RPG. Basically dump bags of sand into space around your ship to absorb/reflect any laser weapons.

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