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Submission + - Etch-a-Sketch inventor Andre Cassagnes, has died at 86 (geeksofdoom.com)

Xemu writes: "Andre Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch-A-Sketch has died in Paris at the age of 86. The famous toy was actualized during the presidential campaign Etch-A-Gate when Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, began holding up Etch-A-Sketches during their rallies. The toy is pretty advanced as it is essentially a manually operated plotter with a built-in erasing system. Plenty of hacks out there exists to mod the plotter to draw greyscale robotically, turn it into a temperature logger etc. Thank you Andre!"

Comment New Oxygen Tax (Score 1) 129

Today it was reported that the EU commission has submitted for review a new tax on Oxygen used while watching media. The director EU of silly taxes responded to criticism of the new tax "after years of research costing millions of Euro's we can confirm that 100% of pirates consume Oxygen while watching stolen movies or playing games so we have decided to tax Oxygen". Some questions have been raised by fellow EU members about the waiver of the tax for all EU officials especially considering how much Oxygen they wast on a daily basis.

Comment Re:600 years. (Score 3, Insightful) 813

There is a reason we must die, social stagnation, for humanity to grow and accept new technologies and concepts the old must die and make way for the new. Imagine a large part of the US population being over 200 years old and blocking new technologies at the voting booth.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 0) 95

also with Russian corruption reaching 20% of GDP and the sliding internation perception of corruption now 154th out of 178 (higher is worse) you have to wonder about any investment made in that nation now. Even BP is sick of all the corruption and back sliding that they have pulled out even though russia is up to it's eye balls in natural resources.


Comment Re:Oh come on... (Score 5, Funny) 697

I can see a monty pythonish like skit on this in the making

IT Manager "yes sir as you can see 80% of our staff are female"
Govt official "are you sure, to be honest they just look like a bunch of men in skirts"
IT Manager "no I can asure you our IT staff are 80% female, just ask eeer John eerr itta any question you like"

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