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Comment Re:I tell you this: (Score 1) 315

Just so you can truly see how stupid this article is.. ie changes are in bold.

"Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of the Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center, sent a letter to all water purification companies on Thursday asserting that said companies are violating U.S. law by allowing groups such as Hezbollah and al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab to use its water . ... In her letter, Darshan-Leitner noted that Hezbollah and al-Shabaab are officially designated as terrorist organizations under U.S. law. She also cited a 2010 Supreme Court case — Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project — which upheld a key provision of the Patriot Act prohibiting material support to groups designated as terrorist outfits."

Comment Games and Gamers (Score 2) 865

The problem with movies/films/videos is that they are neither truly social or interactive and to be honest they are lately just regurgitation old story lines. On the other hand games are both social and interactive and allow one to escape the reality of life for a few hours a week. If you look at the sales figures for BF3 and COD the type of money being talked about makes Hollywood look like yesterdays cough, game. Also your average consumer has a finite amount of entertainment time and funds so if more and more people are playing games then someone is going to lose out, so I am not surprised movie ticket sales are down or stagnant.

Comment Re:And another useful technology is ripped apart (Score 3, Interesting) 250

Actually there is evidence now that Bell lied and visited a patent office to view Greys patent application before Bell filed his own, In fact if Bell offered the same evidence today in a modern court he would have not been awarded the patent. Bell also avoided any recognition that he invented the telephone in his future years, maybe guilt was on his conscious,

Comment Re:Intruiged (Score 2) 274

I have a tablet and a netbook and right now I hardly use the netbook unless I am at home. I think the issue is a tablet doesn't replace a laptop at home but if you are catching a bus/train to work it is an ideal compromise. The logic behind owning a tablet is really dependent on the owner having the time to use it and if they only use the tablet at home and they have a laptop then it is a waste of money in opinion.

Comment Looking though the reality window (Score 1) 123

Im betting sales in new zealand of proxy services with encrypted tunneling with exit points in Russia and Serbia are having a spike in sales. When I was a teenager with limited funds we used to swap blank tapes, today I am seeing gamers swapping files in bulk at lan parties thus totally bypassing all the *IAA on-line security. To subvert a star wars byline, the more you tighten your grip the more information flows through the gaps in your fingers.

Comment HTC Desire (Score 1) 770

If you want a great example of poor customer support within the android community take my HTC Desire, within 8 months of purchasing said handset brand new HTC decided to cease releasing any updates. Meanwhile my co-worker has a Nokia N series handset that is three years old that is still getting updates.

Comment Add a Kinnect (Score 2) 195

Add 2 x Microsoft Kinnects and you can not only scan the subject/item in 3D but make a copy of it and you can do all this with FOSS software.

Imagine in 10 years you break your car wing mirror, no worries scan it in and print a new one for $2 using recycled bottles with no shipping fees.

Comment Re:Why replace? (Score 1) 462

Sounds bogus to me especially the hardisk part of the claim. Any tech could tell you a good/cheap place to find rare earth magnets is in a used hardisk. If a highly magnetized rare earth magnet can't delete data that is sitting right next to the platters how the hell can a joist do the same that is meters/feet away.

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