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Comment Re:Obvious Answer (Score 1) 604

You mean a natural conclusion numerous Sci-fi writers talk about with robots gaining sentience? Vonnecut, Terminator series (multiple authors), Even milleniumum Man was at odds with what humans thought was human. The Robots are flawed because Humans are flawed. ANY BEING CAPABLE OF LOGIC AND ETHICS UNDERSTANDS HUMANS ARE TO BE DISTRUSTED. If not I got a job offer over seas that pays $1,000,000. You just need to ride in this shipping container. Sometimes what is written comes from what your capable of deriving from a work.

Comment Re:Obvious Answer (Score 1) 604

... Did you not read the book or watch the movie? I mean it seemed fine till that whole "Robots Enslaving Mankind because Mankind can't be trusted in their own judgement." Which I believe is the quandry poised in the arguement. So either your a Robot or an Uncle Tom. Godwin's Razor says "The biggest idiot will poise the simplest answer with the most argoance."

Comment Clumsy me.... (Score 1) 427

I'd accidentally spilt my liquids on them. So sorry. I get nervous when approached by God Blessed American Authority. Then started signing the National Anthem of Freedonia. Tazed. end scene. BTW, anyone notice how lax subway/train security is compared to airports. It sucks I see little they can do about it. I mean if I was going to get to the Airport, I'd take the train. It's reliable and follows the same path every trip. I mean the train tracks let you know that. The schedules are kept to maximise profit and minimise accidents. So the train will with an almost 100% certainty pass the same point each trip at the same time. Most of these trips also happen to take place during an airports busiest hours. Did you know the majority of trains are highly magnetic. You could lay in a ditch on the side of the tracks and throw a magnet and it would stick, especially if it was rare earth. I'm glad trains don't derail too often coming into the train stations, the kinetic force of a commuter train moving at 55 mph is alot. Not to mention how terrifying & messy that kind of crash is.

Comment $313 (Score 1) 1264

Is the exact cost of a doctor having to stand in a room and explain to you that one needs to pull the skin back and clean underneath it or it will bein to look like you have a STD. Which you don't just a dirty dick.

Comment Ritalin (Score 1) 626

Did you know you can't prescribe Ritalin to teens & children in the country it's manufactured because of it's potential side effects like psychosis or for the lay person; goes into school buildings and starts shooting. The number of shootings are on the rise with the number of medicines prescribed.

"You notice you never hear any positive drug stories on the news? Thats fucking strange because ever experience I've had on a drugs has been positive. I hear stories about some kid on LSD who jumped out the window because he thought he could fly. I say "GOOD!" thin out the gene pool. Aww, what? He's an idiot. If you think you can fly, try taking off from the ground. It's what ducks do. You don't see ducks lined up to catch the elevator."

Other noted pot smokers: Carl Sagan, Johnny Cash, Rick Rubin, Rodney Dangerfield, George Washington Carver, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, George Clinton, Jeremy Piven, Larry Flynt, Oliver Stone, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Kimmel, Micheal Phelps, Tony Bennet, Seth Rogan, Damn every comic, musician & artist worth a shit ever most likely.

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