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Comment Re:Bad idea... (Score 1) 520

I think that this would be pretty strange on Adobe's part. They have a good market on Apple computers for graphic design. Flash can always be on other OS's than iOS, and getting it on Windows Mobile isn't exactly going to gain them large amounts of market share. Flash is the same type of product as Silverlight. Look at ColdFusion: web scripting language based on JSP and Java. Sounds like a competitor to ASP.NET, based on the .NET Framework. I'm not saying that ColdFusion is THE way to go by any means, but it's a product in the same space. Microsoft wanted to replace PDF with XPS a few years ago, which never took off. These two companies have too many common and opposing products for this to make any sense.

Comment Re:That's how the market is supposed to work. (Score 1) 762

I think there's one other factor that people don't realize... You know those service intervals where you're supposed to have lots of stuff done for way more than you can afford? So far, the maintenance every 15,000 miles has been way cheaper.

If followed, this may be an additional $1000 over the first 100,000 miles. Each time, it's been over $200 cheaper to do it on a Prius than anything else.

It's hard to say what later intervals may require, but at 50,000 miles, I have only ever done the cheap 15,000 mile level of service, because my service advisor at the dealership says that their hybrids just don't need all of the service that their regular ICE engines do. I have gone in each time for the major service intervals expecting to pay in the neighborhood of $400 and always leave for under $200.

Comment Re:Where do the subscribers live these days then? (Score 1) 120

"Before the magazine's demise, many of the subscribers lived at home with parents."

And this changed how exactly after the bankrupcy of the magazine?

That's just it: it has probably changed a decent amount. If the original subscribers are not living with their parents, they are considering selling the subscribers' parents' addresses now. It could happen with any data sale, but I think that's the reason that the OP pointed out that the subscribers lived with their parents at that time.

Comment Re:Is the vote public too? (Score 1) 780

Who I vote for in a multi-option election is a bit different than petitioning to have the actual vote. There are definitely analogies, and they do complicate the issue.

Last time I voted, my identity was checked. I then SIGNED my name stating that I was voting. That information is probably public. However, the manner in which I voted (Republican, Democrat, or write-in) is not.

Just because we can surmise how a petitioner voted when they petitioned the government to hold an election on an issue, does not mean that we know how they voted in the booth. Admittedly, it seems like you could predict the vote with 99% accuracy. You could also predict my vote with decent accuracy by looking at my political party registration and knowing that I voted. It may be less accurate, but it could be surmised all the same.

The government requires a threshold for the action that was taken. Having this information open keeps the government honest on whether or not the ballot should even include the question that the petitioner worked to have placed on the ballot. There are no 100% guarantees on how anyone voted, and there's no foolproof system to be sure that there isn't corruption in the system, either. However, this really isn't too bad, either.

Comment Re:humane testing (Score 1) 235

I wanted to give you some counter points, but the more that I think about it, I don't see either of us getting anywhere there.

However, I want to give you two big thumbs up for all of the research and analysis that you did on this post. It's very well thought out and respectful. Thanks so much for that. :)

Comment Re:humane testing (Score 1) 235

Animal testing is expensive (but required by law)

I'm pretty sure that this is false in the case of things like shampoos and cosmetics. How else does the leaping bunny logo get into products? Tom's of Maine has a very interesting video on their web site where they talk about the work that they went through to get one of their toothpastes ADA approved without animal testing. While the ADA is not a government agency, the product is legally on store shelves. Requirements for drugs may be different, but for cosmetics and most personal care, I think it is not a requirement if the science is there.

Comment Re:Perhaps .. (Score 1) 289

Let's not forget, too, that until recently, the only carrier selling Android handsets in the US was T-Mobile.

While I love my T-Mobile, getting companies like Sprint and Verizon to sell Android phones is going to make a huge difference. It may not bring sales to iPhone levels, but the market share will increase dramatically. I

know that Verizon launched its first Android phone, the Droid, this month, and I think that Sprint has one on the market too, or will soon.

Let's see what this looks like again in six months.

Comment Re:Exercise while you work. (Score 1) 865

With regards to time to cook on days you work:

I work a part time job a couple evenings a week, and weekends or other commitments don't leave me a ton of time to cook, either. Still, cooking your own meals can make a difference. So, once or twice a week, I cook myself a proper meal. Since I don't feed anyone else, I have plenty of leftovers, but doubling the recipe would be equally easy if you have others to feed.

Do not put any of the meal in the fridge. Portion it into four containers and freeze all four. Now, you have one meal a week for the next month taken care of. Next week, do the same. Now you have two meals a week taken care of for the next three weeks and one for the following week. By week five, you should have something cooked for each day of the week and keeping up is as simple as one meal a week.

Frozen isn't quite as good as the first time, but it's still pretty good, and if you're eating frozen TV dinners anyway, you're surely one up on this.

Comment Re:The vapor cloud (Score 1) 511

You know, OnLive reminds me of Sony's Remote Play. The difference is that when I play a game over Remote Play on my PSP is that I still own the game either in downloadable form or on physical media and if I can't play the game right now because of network conditions (that's been my only experience so far), I can always play it without any network issues at home when I get there. I think this is the best compromise that we're going to see on this type of technology for a long while. While it may reduce development costs, I just don't see it performing well enough to get anyone to actually use it.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Bluetooth & Wi-Fi co-existence

Shakrai writes: "A question for those with more experience with Bluetooth then I have: Has anybody noted/worked-around/been-able to solve co-existence problems with bluetooth and 802.11b/g WLANs? I'm playing around with the T-Mobile T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home service at the office for our directors and while the service works great, the heavy network traffic on the wireless lan renders bluetooth headsets unusable. Short pops of static occur about ten times a second. The WLAN itself doesn't even seem to notice.

Given that Bluetooth's design purposefully uses the entire range of unlicensed channels on 2.4Ghz I'd given up on trying to get it to co-exist with WLANs. But I've noted that Bluetooth 1.2 includes support for "Adaptive frequency-hopping spread spectrum", which theoretically will remove crowded channels from the hopping sequence. Given that a single 802.11b/g access point only uses a portion (roughly 1/3) of the band available to Bluetooth, wouldn't it stand to reason that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be made to peacefully co-exist?

Perhaps the problem lies with the cheap headsets that my company is providing us? Does anybody have any experience with particular models of Bluetooth headsets used in a heavy wi-fi environment? Or any experience with the actual HotSpot service and the phones that T-Mobile offers? Does any model of phone or headset stand out as being better at co-existing then the others?"

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