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Comment Future plans outside New York (Score 4, Interesting) 314

In Florida, we have a toll transponder system too. Recently waves of notices have been going out that the older style transponders are being deprecated for newer ones. I always thought that was kind of silly because the new style transponders are currently compatible with the existing system just like old ones are, so it's not really a "protocol" type change (I'm a software guy, not an EE, so there is likely some RFID stuff I don't know about).

The biggest change? The older transponders would beep when scanned, the newer ones no longer have that functionality. Sounds like perpetual tracking is coming to my state.

Comment Re: To be honest (Score 3) 356

People will absolutely find out if their prints are indeed uploaded or stored on their device. Apple knows this, they've learned it the hard way when someone found out about the storing of geo-data and made an app to show the travel log of any iPhone user a few years ago.

Did anything change as a result? Did iPhone users suddenly wake up and not use their iPhones? Or switch to Android (ha ha, same privacy concerns, different companies)?

They got caught, took a few licks from the press, but ultimately the future refused to change.

Comment Re:What do you have to hide? (Score 2) 328

it isnt that we have something to hide. the reason we are all upset is that the NSA is spying on people illegally without any repercussions at all.

Isn't that what our government says every time they propose a new invasive search? "If you're not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to hide."

Of course, I suppose that's why it's No Such Agency.


Open-Source Python Code Shows Lowest Defect Density 187

cold fjord sends news that a study by Coverity has found open-source Python code to contain a lower defect density than any other language. "The 2012 Scan Report found an average defect density of .69 for open source software projects that leverage the Coverity Scan service, as compared to the accepted industry standard defect density for good quality software of 1.0. Python's defect density of .005 significantly surpasses this standard, and introduces a new level of quality for open source software. To date, the Coverity Scan service has analyzed nearly 400,000 lines of Python code and identified 996 new defects — 860 of which have been fixed by the Python community."

Russia Issues Travel Warning To Its Citizens About United States and Extradition 369

mendax writes "The New York Times reports that the Russian government is warning its citizens to not travel to countries that have an extradition treaty with the United States, noting that 'detentions of Russian citizens in various countries, at the request of American law enforcement, have become more frequent.' The article reports the Russian foreign ministry as saying,'Experience shows that the judicial proceedings against those who were in fact kidnapped and taken to the U.S. are of a biased character, based on shaky evidence, and clearly tilted toward conviction.'"

Comment Re:So is this because... (Score 2) 186

Egyptians got rid of their dictator and then their elected government without using lethal force against them. Sure, afterwards the military did kill some Islamists, but the protesters themselves never had to kill anyone. The police were unwilling to fight the protesters too much because they basically supported them.

The price for change remained, it was merely the payment terms that were rescheduled.

The Almighty Buck

How One Man Turns Annoying Cold Calls Into Cash 227

First time accepted submitter georgeaperkins writes "A man targeted by marketing companies is making money from cold calls with his own premium-rate phone number. So far he's made £300 profit following a £10+VAT initial investment. The premium rate regulator has 'strongly discouraged' the practice, as it violates the code of practice. Nevertheless, the novel idea is sure to resonate with everyone worn down by mindless cold calling!"

Comment Re:Pokemon (Score 1) 156

It's a cheap second machine for anyone who plans to play the new Pokemon games. You need one to play, and one to trade, in order to get the interesting evolutions and version exclusives. It works like this. You play A all the way through. Then you play B, trade over the pokemon from A, get version exclusives, and breed. Then you play A one more time, trading all the eggs/babies over for a great starter set. Yes, the Pokemon franchise forces you to own two machines.

Or you can just enjoy the game on one machine, with one Pokemon title. Come across someone with the alternate game and can make a trade or two? Great! Filling up the Pokedex completely isn't fun at all, it's more of a chore than grinding in a JRPG.

I have never "caught 'em all" ever, and I don't feel like I've had a diminished game experience in any way whatsoever. It's actually quite liberating.

Comment Re:But will the games cost 99 cents? (Score 1) 156

Do they, really? Tablet/phone games are rarely anything to write home about unless you like incredibly simplistic games, akin to playing browser games. They will never properly compete with full game releases when actual gamers are concerned. It just won't happen. There will always be a market for those seeking more substance in their games. The fact that they haven't gone belly up despite the iPhone/iPad being out as long as it has is a testament to that. We always hear about how doomed the handheld console market is over phones because of "99 cent games", but it never actually happens.

The lack of good inputdev is the main thing holding back phone and tablet games. And good controllers and buttons add weight and bulk, so, complete agreement, portable dedicated consoles are here to stay.

At least until telepathic control becomes a thing.

Comment Re:Can you get Pokemon for 99 cents? (Score 1) 156

Hey, if your kid can live without those


The number of adults I see playing Pokemon whenever I fly across the country is legion.

Also I really need to stop forgetting to pack my 3DS.

Also I need a 2DS so I can trade Pokemon with myself. MY POKEMANS. LET ME SHOW U THEM.

Even if you don't intend to play it, Streetpass makes merely carrying it around useful. :)

Comment Re:Almost a good idea (Score 1) 156

Lets be honest: 3d is a failure in this space. A huge nummber of 3DS users never turn the 3d on, and for a lot of the market it's not a selling feature. Making a cheaper unit without it is smart, as price is a huge factor in portable gaming sales.

But then they also stripped out a speaker (going to mono instead of stereo) and came up with this really awkward form factor. Why did they do that? This thing is going to be a lot more awkward to carry around because of that.

It's a proper sequel to the ill-fated Game Boy Advance Micro. GBAM removed classic Game Boy / Game Boy Color compatibility, 2DS removes 3D compatibility. Kill compatibility with existing accessories (all GBA and GBASP attachments for the former; circle pad pro, charging dock for the latter).

Comment Re:Less travel-durable (Score 1) 156

... the screen and main control button protection a clamshell design gave you.

it seems it will come with a protection case. At least is what the kid used to put away his 2DS on Nintendo's video at YouTube.

Heh, "accessories sold separately" I'd bet.

It's wild that a portable system aimed at the under-7 crowd would intentionally have less protection from scratches. I think Big N is counting on children crying about how scratched up their 2DS is so they can get a second one.


Nintendo Announces 2DS Handheld — Plays 3DS Games In 2-D 156

Today Nintendo announced a new handheld gaming console called the 2DS. It will play all games from the DS and the 3DS, but games from the latter will be shown in 2-D (essentially as if the 3DS's depth slider was turned all the way down). The 2DS abandons the clamshell design of the earlier handhelds; instead, the device is a slightly wedge-shaped tablet with two small LCD screens — thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom. "It's a design that seems calculated to reduce manufacturing costs and durability issues, but it also seems fated to make the system nearly impossible to fit inside most pants pockets. The buttons and controls that were on the bottom half of previous DS and 3DS systems are now shifted toward the top, so you can reach the shoulder buttons that now rest above the top screen. This means you grip the 2DS from the sides rather than supporting it from the bottom with the corners resting in palm of your hand, like previous DS models." Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said the new console is target at younger children, as the 3DS is recommended for players age 7 and up. It's also cheaper than the other models at $130.

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