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Comment An Old Vietnam Veteran Says It Can't Be Done (Score 2, Interesting) 351

As an old photointerpreter from the Vietnam era, and a fanatic regarding aerial photography, I can assure you that civilian satellite-based cameras do not have the resolution to read license plates. There was once a concept of "infinite resolution film", but that was always theoretical and, if you think about it, could never be accomplished. As was said above, the cameras are earth-based. Only the speed computation using the GPS system is satellite-based.

Submission + - Window on the World Replica of Palpatine's Wind (usatoday.com)

cknowles writes: As revealed in yesterday's USA Today, the International Space Station's new "Window on the World" is nothing more than a replica of the window behind Emperor Palpatine's throne in Star Wars (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/legostarwars/images/d/d0/7200-1-1-.jpg).

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