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Comment Re:Obvious study is obvious (Score 1) 217

Buying a TV without Netflix support was recently classified as a form of mental illness which can be treated by forcing the patient to watch nothing but political ads for 8 hours straight. After that point the cured patient is unable to hear the name Comcast without recoiling in terror and bursting into tears. Patients are reported to lead much fuller and happier lives thereafter.

I have purchased two TVs (one 55" and one 65") in the last few years. Required features: Netflix, DLNA, not Sony.

Comment Re:When Hostess closes.. (Score 1) 674

My understanding is that the money you get from unemployment is based off of your recent income. If they took the pay cut and were fired a year from now, their unemployment checks would be based off of the post pay-cut amount wouldn't it?

If the company was up shit creek and the employees knew they were going to have to find new jobs in a few years anyway, it's probably best for them to get fired now and take the unemployment.

Then again, perhaps the actual best solution would have been to look for new jobs starting 6 months ago while still working there at full pay.

Comment suckiness is more obvious in older people (Score 1) 388

If you suck as a younger person then you just appear to lack experience even if your suckiness is due to you sucking. If you suck as an older person then it's obviously because you really do suck. A sucky younger person will turn into a sucky older person, but people will still hire the younger person because they assume it's really just inexperience.

Comment Re:In case anyone missed it... (Score 1) 409

According to isidewith, I match Jill Stein 90%, Gary Johnson 86%, Obama 75% and Romney 12%.

The idea that I match both the Green and Libertarian parties is interesting. I think this is the result of me putting social freedoms as my highest priorities.

Furthermore, I match the libertarian party 68% and the Republican party 4%. That shows pretty clearly how un-libertarian the Republican party really is (at least with respect to all the issues I care about).

Since I live in California I think I'll vote either Green or Libertarian for president.

Comment Re:I'm Optimistic (Score 0) 816

Disney isn't known for being edgy. The Star Wars prequels would have been fantastic if directed by Quentin Tarantino or Peter Jackson or the guys who did Sin City or any other director who could turn the movies into something for adults. The prequels were ok, but Star Wars didn't grow up with its audience in the same way that the Harry Potter movies grew up with their audience.

Actually, I want a reboot of the entire series done in an edgy dark way where Darth Vader uses the force to rip limbs off subordinates (in extremely bloody ways) when they lose the Falcon or come out of lightspeed too close to Hoth. I want Luke to be a naive kid who is forced to witness the horrible slaughter (on screen) of his uncle Owen and aunt Beru. Obi Wan should be grizzled and angry. Perhaps he'd slap Luke whenever he whined. Han Solo wouldn't just shoot first, he'd shoot to wound, dodge the shot from Greedo, then rip Greedo's head off with his bare hands. Boba Fett would leave a trail of bodies in his wake as he followed Luke. When the Death Star destroyed a planet we'd get personal views from the surface as people were baked alive then exploded.

The thing is, what I've described pretty much leaves the plot unchanged. We just get to see the same events in a darker light.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Disney will not deliver what I want.

This sort of thing is EXACTLY why we need to make copyright much shorter. We need serious reboots of Star Wars done by lots of directors. We'd all get the version of the movies that we wanted.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 133

Regardless of the effect on wages, I personally believe that hoarding the smart people of the world is a definite long term positive. If I had my way I'd allow unlimited immigration for anyone who could demonstrate high level skill in any field.

Perhaps it'd depress wages for high skill jobs, but I suspect it would also lead to an explosion of innovation in all fields.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see... (Score 4, Insightful) 867

There are several issues here, but I'd like to comment on your linking of light and causality.

First, objects traveling faster than sound do not violate causality for a bat. Just because the sound they receive is confusing does not mean that the universe broke or that anyone traveled through time. A supersonic object can make two sounds at two different times and a listener at a certain position would hear the sounds reversed. That's confusing, but it doesn't violate causality (except in the strict sense that a bat would sense that events occurred in the wrong order). Sound and light are not the same of course, but getting your data out of order just means that things are confusing for the viewer.

The reason sound and light are not the same is because sound is not synced with time. Being supersonic does not affect time significantly whereas getting closer to the speed of light causes you to experience time differently than others traveling at different velocities relative to you. Furthermore, time dilation and your speed of travel are synced such that light travels away from you at the same speed no matter what speed you are traveling at (assuming you aren't magically warping space).

I don't know enough to comment on how exactly warping space to travel ftl works with special/general relativity, but I've never seen it debunked. The real problem is that there is no known way to warp space to create this warp drive.

Comment just do interviews and you'll see (Score 2) 767

I've interviewed a lot of people for the position of senior engineer. This has taught me that most experienced programmers can't program. Most have trouble writing the simplest of code snippets despite claiming a decade or more of experience.

Given that, I'd say that anyone can become a senior engineer, but few people can learn to program even when given a decade of on the job experience.

Comment Re:Comes as a BIG surprise. (Score 3, Interesting) 109

Why did anyone mod you up? When someone abandons a copyrighted property of any sort then it should enter the public domain. If the book, dvd, or whatever goes out of print then you should lose the copyright. If a game is no longer available for purchase or play then you should lose the copyright.

Who gains when the government protects a monopoly on content that you refuse to provide to anyone? How is that promoting the arts in any way?

If you want to keep the copyright then just make it available for purchase. If you care so little about the product then you lose rights to the product. I can't imagine any reasonable argument against this.

People in favor of copyright are always saying that the creators should get paid for their creations. How are they being paid if they stop making it available for sale? The only possible response is that they want to restrict access to the content so that new content has less competition. That's a pretty poor argument for continuing a government enforced monopoly.

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