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Comment Re:begs FFS (Score 1) 186

Meanwhile, many other words and phrases over the centuries have lost the original meaning while "gaining nothing" and yet we're all still here!

Yes, by some miracle we are here... But how many disasters have those language changes caused along the way?

- As you are my main commander, I consult you: should we ignite a World War in the current situation?
- I could care less about that idea!
- Aha, so you care a fair amount. Well, roll out the troops!

Comment Re:Cheaper drives (Score 1) 183

What barrier is this? Is there some reason why getting below $0.50/GB is difficult, or is it merely the result of gradually falling prices?

How can people be so worked up about this "barrier" thing? It was obviously chosen as an interesting goal as it is exactly half a dollar per gigabyte. That's all there is to it.

Comment Re:How can you hire what doesn't exist? (Score 1) 561

The rest of us could pull open the customization menu and remove the icons we didn't need (or simply those we didn't understand what they did, I suppose) and add in just the ones we wanted. With 'The Ribbon' we're forced to do whatever we're steered into doing by a broken design forced on us by 'Experts' who know better than us how we should be using the software.

The Ribbon can also be fully customized.

Submission + - New Type-C USB connector ready for production (

orasio writes: One of the most frustrating first world problems ever, trying to connect an upside down Micro-USB connector, is bound to dissappear soon.
Type-C connector for USB is declared ready for production by the USB Promoter Group (

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