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Submission + - New Type-C USB connector ready for production (

orasio writes: One of the most frustrating first world problems ever, trying to connect an upside down Micro-USB connector, is bound to dissappear soon.
Type-C connector for USB is declared ready for production by the USB Promoter Group (

Comment Re:Microsoft cannot fool all the people all the ti (Score 0) 337

Everybody went in for Windows as their favoutte desktop operating system a couple decades back. After XP, there is little to be gained from Microsoft's latter offerings in operating systems. So now we are seeing large migrations to Linux and larger numbers still sticking on with XP.

I actually think that the operating systems after XP (read: NT 6.x) are precisely the ones that work really well and are nice to use. Of course the Windows 8 UI presents a problem, but the core is still robust and constantly improving.

Back in the day I liked Windows 2000 a lot, but skipped XP completely as it mostly was a bloated an unsecure version of 2000. I can't believe how sentimental people were towards a junkpile like XP when the support was ended.

Comment Re:Why is (Score 1) 201

With closed source, you have to either reverse-engineer another program which does what you want or you have to hope that someone has documented what you know about, and they probably haven't if we're talking about Windows.

Interfaces are very well documented in Windows world. Sure, you can't hack the core OS, but if you want to create anything on top of it (drivers, applications) it's actually a very hackable environment.

Submission + - Linus Torvalds is pissed at, starts a petition ( 1

sfcrazy writes: Linus Torvalds rarely gets upset over a wrong reason and has given him that reason. The creator of the world's most dominant technology – the linux kernel – found that someone started a petition on using his identity. So Linus took over and created a petition asking to stop its dickish ways and verify emails.

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