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Comment Re:Why is this guy being treated as a Martyr to IT (Score 1) 502

It's quite a stretch to say he had stolen the entire network. In fact, it's absolutely false. They could have done a hard admin reset on the routers and affected systems and been back in complete control of them. They chose not to, for various legitimate reasons, but the network remained in the possession of the legitimate owners.

Using the door analogy, what if he was a custodian, changed all the locks, kept all the keys, refused to give them to the owners? Sure they could hire a locksmith to change all the locks, but why should they?

Comment Stop being so paranoid (Score 5, Interesting) 329

A likely explanation is that somebody either stole a credit card or cards or somehow ordered them fraudulently and is using this as a smokescreen. Send 10 laptops to 10 governors. Send 10 to random people including yourself. Profit! Or else an employee at one of the offices is in on it and wanted to cover themselves by sending them out to other offices.

Comment Re:Am I off base (Score 1) 265

For suggesting that a measure of tidal power could be harvested as well here? After all, kites can be used to harvest power through the tension exerted on their cables, if I'm correct. Similarly, these turbines are going to be tethered, right? How about it?

Kites harvest power with keys tied to their strings, not tension.

Comment Re:Easy way to massively improve fuel consumption (Score 1) 674

plenty of european and japanese cars already feature such a device.

Some American cars have had "instant fuel economy" readouts as an option for many years. I know the 1992 Lincoln Town car had this as an option. Of course it still got 12 miles per gallon, but at least you knew about it.

Feed USB BB gun sports barrel-mounted webcam, ensures home security (

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While there's certainly a variety of options to keep watch and protect your property from curious intruders, the latest branch of vCrib gives a new meaning to being on guard. Crafted by the designer of the Virtual Crib home automation software, the USB BB gun sports automatic firing, manual reloading, and the ability to fire based on commands given remotely on a PC. Moreover, the weapon actually packs a webcam on the barrel, allowing users to login via computer, tilt / swivel the gun with simple mouse flicks, and fire away if you spot any intruders within its broad line of sight. It shouldn't need mentioning that we'd make absolutely sure our landlord was cool with mounting a remotely-controlled weapon in the window, but if you need to take home security into your own hands (without actually being at home), be sure to click on through to see this controversial creation spittin' hot fury.

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Feed Bee Colony Collapse Disorder And Viral Disease Incidence Under Investigation (

Researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Greene Infectious Disease Laboratory have been playing an important role investigating viral disease incidence as it relates to honey bee colony deaths, specifically the increased deaths in bee colonies with unique symptoms, called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

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