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Comment Re: Oh, the surprise. (Score 1) 800

I don't think Obama can take full blame for that one. The responsibility for that incident falls on the shoulder of the guy standing next to him. There is a high probability that he muttered too himself "Whoa, awesome ass." However, he muttered it too loudly so that Obama heard him. When you overhear a comment like that, it is absolutely impossible not to have a look, and a look again.

Comment Re:Response (Score 1) 145

What do you say when an ebook distributor's anti-piracy plan involves going after app developers rather than pirate sites?

"If I were human, I believe my response would be, 'go to hell'. If I were human." -- Spock

I think in a case like this, the Spockism would be even more strongly worded, such as...

"If I were Human, I believe my response would be, 'Eat a box of dicks'... If, I were Human..."

Comment Re:This the way it's supposed to work... (Score 1) 131

You assume too much. I despise both major parties equally, since they are nothing more than 2 sides of the same political beastie.

Even though I knew he had no chance of winning, I cast my vote for Gary Johnson, as his ideals aligned best with mine (not 100%, but close enough). I refused to simply choose between either the giant douche or the turd sandwich, because choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

Comment Re:Being able to transfer games would be awesome (Score 1) 384

If MAME is the only way to access them, then yes, I see no problem playing them that way. Not all the classics are available as compilations on any consoles, and some may never be available due to very limited interest. Some of my top favorite classics are among those that are highly unlikely to see the light of day outside of an emulator...

I, Robot
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder
Omega Race (Yes, I have the VIC-20 cartridge. And although it is a good one in its own right, it is still lacking something from the arcade version.)
Space Lords
Gorf (Again, the home versions, while good are still lacking compared to the arcade original.)

I do buy arcade compilations when they are available and they catch my interest. But if the arcade incarnation of a title is not available due to either no one knowing who controls the rights, or whoever holds the rights simply not interested in marketing it, then I see no moral dilema to running it on an emulator.

Comment Re:Being able to transfer games would be awesome (Score 2) 384

then you are boycotting pretty much 75-80% of the games released now days. they all have some type of register/online activation system.

That sounds easy enough to do. Let's see, I just turned 45 half a month ago. Assuming I can make it another 45 years, there is a metric buttload of games on a wide variety of platforms (from Amiga or older to Wii, plus the arcade classics on MAME) that I have yet to get caught up on. As long as I have the hardware to run them on, I can easily go the rest of my life without ever purchasing a new game. Heck, now that I'm thinking about it, I am almost tempted to pull the Vectrex out and play a few rounds of Solar Quest...

Comment Re:Call the Waaaahmbulance? (Score 1) 173

To the person's point, did you read's latest earnings report showed that the company makes about $10.8 billion per quarter, or about $118 million per day and $4.9 million per hour."

Another little point that may be of note here...

If, when those quarterly reports come out it shows that Amazon had less than $10.8 billion in costs, then they made a profit and not a loss. Sure, it may have been 4.9 million less than expected, but is was still a profit and not a loss despite what the methods of Hollywood Accounting or Bistromathematics or whatever ethically challenged system they may use shows.

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