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Comment Re:I call bullshit. (Score 1) 255

Most HVAC design is Imperial:
BTUs* for heat
Degrees Fahrenheit wet bulb and dry bulb for temperature
Grains per pound for relative humidity

Chances are your thermal comfort in the USA can be attributed to Imperial-unit-based "real work".

One of the first equations recent graduates learn in their practical education is:
That 1.08 has units of (BTU * minutes) / (feet^3 * hours * degrees Rankine)

ASHRAE publications (engineers' bibles for heating and refrigeration design) have both IP and SI editions, but the current standard for equipment specification and engineered design is Imperial.

*or even Tons (the energy required to melt one short ton of ice in 24 hours) as a rate of cooling. One ton is defined as 12,000 BTU/hour, but in reality about 11500 BTU/hour would melt a short ton of ice in 24 hours.

Comment Re:Well deserved (Score 1) 178

Some of my business contacts are near-luddites who only communicate via phone or in-person meetings; others have faxes, email, AIM, and Skype.
Sure, Facebook has better-targeted advertisement than flyers, newspapers, radio, and television.
What does it have to outperform existing technology for real business correspondence?

Comment Re:Well deserved (Score 1) 178

You had me convinced until the "business Facebook account" bit.
I have not yet seen anything more businesslike on Facebook than advertising to employees and customers/clients coerced into being "fans".
What is the point of a duplicate personal account for business use on an ego-driven gossip tickertape service?

The Almighty Buck

U.S. Gas Prices Continue To Fall 398

First time accepted submitter nmpost writes "Earlier this year, as gas prices hit record highs in the winter and spring for that time of year, experts warned we were headed for all time records this summer. Something strange happened before every motorists recurring nightmare happened: gas prices actually started dropping. In fact, prices have fallen over $.50 since they peaked in the spring. Experts have now flipped their projections, and believe prices will continue to tumble through the fall."

Comment Re:Wake up (Score 1) 133

A backlit keyboard and an aluminum case are not "Pro" features.
When Apple discontinued the plastic "Macbook" line and kept the aluminum "Macbook Pro" line it could have branded the 13" model "Macbook" and the larger models with performance upgrades "Macbook Pro".
Giving the 13" "Macbook Pro" performance similar to the now-discontinued base model and charging "Pro" prices for cosmetic features was somewhere between greedy and dishonest.

Comment Re:I recommend LEDs (Score 1) 348

Edison base LED bulbs are good for luminaires with good airflow but suffer from drastically-decreased driver life if used in recessed can fixtures.
I'm all for swapping old incandescent cans for new LED cans, but you should do it right with a retrofit LED can housing when you do so.

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