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Comment Re:Recommendations (Score 1) 341

OK, what kind of musk do you attract drones with? When are they in season? Anybody know a good make of drone call? Are the readybuilt stands any good?

My cousin bagged a 9 point drone once. Got it hanging up in the rec room.

Any illegal drug will suffice to draw it out, though growing a food plot visible from the air of an appropriately illegal drug may be a better idea. Baiting is poor sportsmanship.

They're always in season!

For a good drone call, pick up any handy cellphone on any major provider, call a friend, and discuss your food plot, above. PRISM will take care of the rest.

A good blind should provide cover and be part of what the drone expects to see, disguise it as equipment for your food plot, such as a water tank.

WARNING: drone calls and attractants are also highly effective attractants for federal agents, who may be accompanying the drone from the ground. They may dispute the drone season defined by local law and may not understand that your food plot is solely for the drone's benefit.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 341

This is not a gimmick, this is 'Murica!

Although, given an average altitude of 8,000 feet for a drone, this is not an easy shot. Nor is the fact that the drone will be flying at ~100 MPH and winds at that altitude could easily be 50 MPH. It would be a hard task for even the best shot. And that math would be terrible.

You just need the right bullet for the job.

Comment Re:Personal Responsibility (Score 1) 509

If this continues, every item sold within the US is going to have a 89-page disclaimer. It is bad enough that insulated cups have warnings about the contents being hot, now electronic devices need to have a disclaimer about the internet having pornography? This guy is literally, blaming the messenger (company that makes the device), for this his own actions and lack of self-control. Plenty of people can use the internet and even peruse sexual content without having their lives destroyed.

Maybe he should have tried getting a life and setting his priorities, instead of watching the Farrah Abraham video.

Hey, it's not his fault his wife found his link to Lesbian Spank Inferno!

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 249

My understanding of the point is that the ice in question is standing on solid land below the ocean's surface, which means that its volume is not currently reflected by the height of the oceans today.

But, if it all melted, that portion of the ice which is below sea level would not contribute to an increase in sea level, because the land it was on would then be inundated with water.

Comment amp-hours is not energy density (Score 2) 322

Without volts, amp-hours is completely meaningless. If I have a process that can create a battery that stores 1.2Ah/g at 0.3V and I'm trying to beat a process that stores 0.3Ah/g at 1.2V then I've done nothing useful. Both store 360mWh/g (1296mWh/joules). In fact, if you look at you'll find that the fourfold increase is not in Ah/g, but in J/g. It actually has an eightfold increase in Ah/g but the voltage drops by half. So the article is right, but does a really bad job of explaining why.

Comment Re:The root of this problem could also be pointed (Score 1) 230

I guess being diagnosed by a shrink at the age of 12 (this was around 1989) with ADD simply by me looking up when the madman snapped his fingers after giving me a puzzle to complete.

He'd already decided to diagnose you. If you hadn't looked up, he would have called it an example of hyperfocusing, the other half of ADD. Sounds like a charlatan's trick.

Comment Re:My thoughts on the matter (Score 1) 750

  • 2) I'll happily put this on my own guns after the police have used it for five years on theirs, and have come to accept it as a reliable technology.

I'm with you on this. When every gun used by every agent of the government in my state (police, military, federal agents, etc) use this technology, I'll consider using it as well.

Comment Re:But was it illegal? (Score 1) 716

The big question, of course, is: Did they keep within the law? If their maneuvers passed the bounds of law, then they're in for a bit of hurt. Unfortunately, the taxpayers would like to see them in a whole world of hurt, but good lawyers will get the penalties and back taxes reduced to a relative pittance and, in the long run, they'll have still saved money. When you have enough money, breaking the law can make good business sense.

Comment A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing (Score 1) 339

I'm a programmer, and there's little worse than having someone in Marketing or Sales come to me to ask for a specific task to be done in a specific way, because half way through the project I'll generally figure out what it was they were trying to accomplish and have to start from scratch to deliver a product that actually meets their needs. Because they know some of how things work on the back end, they try to solve a problem themselves and then send it to IT for implementation. What I prefer is that they present us with their problem or need and we can go over, with them, several possible deliverable solutions and their relative merits, time to deliver, and cost to deliver. Reading this, I can now see that it could actually be worse. They could be versed in programming languages we don't use and come to us with solutions that use their own personal hammer, not the full tool set we possess.

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