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Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 4, Insightful) 233

And the good news about this is "normal people" don't have a clue what you're talking about when mentioning ipv4 or ipv6. Tell them, "We're about to run out of IP addresses!" and they'll blink at you. Tell them, "No! PANIC! IPV4 IS ALL FILLT UP!" and they will call for some friendly people to take you to a padded room. Tell them, "Oh, and we have a problem with programs that use a two digit year instead of a four digit year" and they will build disaster shelters.

Comment Re:Does it mass more than the fuel to de-orbit? (Score 1) 210

"1000 years from now we'll be in pathetic shape, with all our oil, uranium, and other resources drained dry, and just barely surviving."

...since people were just barely surviving in the era before oil, uranium, and other resources were being used. Unless by "other resources" you mean things like trees, food, etc, which are replenishable, or water, which isn't really going anywhere any time soon, even if it's not always at the part of the planet we might prefer.

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