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Comment Civilization comparison? (Score 2, Interesting) 1211

It seems like most of the arguments being put forward have a hard time thinking about the reasons why the United States invaded Iraq. People seem to think it was just a "mistake" and tend to chalk it up to George Bush incompetence, and/or making the defense industry rich, etc.

Haven't any of you played Civilization?

If you're running a country, and then there's this other little pest of a country that has a track record of attacking people, is technologically inferior, AND is sitting on a nice resource such as oil, wouldn't you want to invade it and make your country stronger (even if you knew there was a chance of some of your military units dying in the process)?

People play games such as Civilization and don't realize that this stuff happens in the real world too.


Submission + - Interview with the "Anti-Gamer" Senator Le ( 1

strwrsxprt writes: "Game Almighty recently had the chance to speak with Senator Leland Yee about his views on the validity of California Assembly Bill 1179, which was designed to criminalize the sale of Mature rated games to minors and require retailers to keep Mature games separated from other games. He also shares his thoughts on everything from the effectiveness of the ESRB and the place AO games have in the market, to the movie industry and their rating standards in relation to games. His answers might just surprise you."

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