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Comment Re:Transparency (Score 1) 545

If you specifically mean propaganda created by people in high places, then you're probably correct. However, don't underestimate the power of an echo chamber. A sufficient number of ignorant individuals can create and propagate absolute insanity to millions at a rate which makes the greatest advertising executives and spinsters envious.

Comment Re:UO wasn't that much fun really (Score 1) 480

Keep in mind as well that the situational awareness and correct reactions required to survive or really accomplish anything on a PvP realm are valuable skills to bring into a PvE context. They alone don't make a good raider, but they are the hardest skills to teach.

At the same time, not all PvE realm players are there because they don't have the mentality to deal with challenges. Some people simply don't enjoy having their play schedule impeded or interrupted at random by other players.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 167

Unless xkcd is being edited into "In Popular Culture" wikipedia sections where it doesn't belong, I see no reason why I shouldn't ridicule someone for getting their pants in a twist over it.

I don't have any problems with people disliking stuff. It's when they draw attention to it like they're the center of the universe and no one else is allowed to enjoy life that I take issue. If it isn't directly or indirectly causing harm, forcing your umbridge on other people is by my reckoning a greater issue than the original "offense".

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 167

I think my analogy of someone else eating broccoli/discussing how they like broccoli fits better. You're not being forced to digest xkcd simply because someone suggests you might like it.

Now if people are constantly forwarding comics to you/hotlinking comic in forums you read, that's more analogous to broccoli showing up in your food (which, incidentally, has recently happened to me) and worthy of ire.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 5, Funny) 167

I hate broccoli. You know what I do when someone who loves broccoli starts fawning over some dish they recently ate which had broccoli in it? Nothing really, I just enjoy the conversation and talk about something I like in response. I don't even have to mention I don't like broccoli.

It's not like you need to burst a vein every time you see XKCD mentioned somewhere. If you do you can't really call it dislike anymore.

Although maybe I'm doing it wrong. The next time I'm in a restaurant and I see someone at another table with broccoli, I'm going to turn beat red and throw a hissy fit about how horrible broccoli is and how terrible it is that I have to see the stuff in public because of those damned broccoli lovers who think it's some miracle cancer curing vegetable or something. Yeah, that "Don't sweat the small stuff" crap won't be for me anymore. I'm going to make a big deal out of absolutely nothing.

Starting with your comment. How am I doing?

Comment Re:Sockets and mobos (Score 1) 235

That's kind of like saying you can paint the Mona Lisa by just dabbing the right colors on the canvas. If you want to make something good and avoid making potentially damaging mistakes there's an awful lot of work involved.

Another important point is that the knowledge for changing oil or fixing a pipe doesn't change unless you buy a new car or completely overhaul your plumbing. Every time you build a new computer you have to get up to speed on all the latest developments, find reviews for many individual components, check system comparisons, monitor prices etc. Unless you habitually track all of that in your spare time or plan to just throw a bunch of parts together and hope it makes sense, it's a fairly long and involved process.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

Consider Sony's simultaneous lawsuits against Lik-Sang over their PSP sales. Sony didn't sue them everywhere because their lawyers were bored, but because it was economically impossible for Lik-Sang to respond to that. Consider how many human trafficking rings begin with poor families in foreign countries being leveraged against economically, forcing them to send their daughters to "work". You're utterly naive if you think economics can't be used to apply force to a person, institution, or system.

Hell, it was practically the plot of Batman Begins.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

You can get slaves for sale without using force. it depends on what constitutes force or fraud as defined by the government in charge of the free market, as opposed to a universal absolute.

It's entirely feasible, and in fact common, for governments to overlook economic force. For example, the RIAA lawsuits. In many cases the defendants can not afford to defend themselves. What is one government's fraud is another's acceptable business practice.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

I think you're confusing "free market" and freedom. A country that espouses freedom can't have slaves for sale on the market, can't allow contracts with unconscionable terms etc. A free market doesn't care either way, its only concern is what people have to sell, and what people will pay for that product. If people want to buy slaves, and people have slaves for sale, there will be slaves on the market. In fact, there are slaves on the black market even now, though they are sold for purposes completely separate from cotton picking.

The moment you add any regulation, such as courts, into the system the "free" part becomes heavily qualified, and what you really have is a regulated market.

Comment Re:the real threat will be government intervention (Score 1) 388

It's there, it just doesn't get as much attention because the government isn't actively attempting to squelch it.

For example, would we really have cared about potential corruption in the Iranian election for more than a day if it wasn't for the fact that brutal methods were employed to silence dissenters?

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