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Comment Number portability (Score 1) 186

Number portability should be for moving between providers while retaining the same number (to save having to give the new number to all contacts).

When I have moved a number to a new (PAYG) handset (keeping the same provider), the process required me to quote the IMEI of both handsets as well as answering security questions. For a contract phone (which one would assume is what a business owner would have), surely the only time the number should need moving a new handset is when the handset is changed as part of the contract - in which case it should not be possible to move the number simply by making a phone call.

Comment Re:US is the problem (Score 1) 314

Well, in that case, the companies can't bitch about people pirating their media overseas if those people can't legally purchase that media.

They can bitch as much as they like, but what they must not do is count those overseas downloads as lost revenue and must not include them in their claims of the loss due to piracy.

Comment Re:Congress, our representatives? (Score 1) 302

You are implying that there is corruption going on, while there is a more plausible, legal forces that explains why the business get the political ear.

Big Business hires a lot of people who pay a lot of taxes. If they are not happy in your City/State/Country they have the resources to leave and leave a lot of people without jobs and unable to pay for taxes.

I do not know about the USA, but in the UK although big business employs lots of people, the majority of people are employed by small/medium sized companies. While individually each of these does not contribute as much as the large corporations, taken together the small/medium companies contribute more to the economy than big business.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 676

So what you do is calibrate the model on past data, then test it by generating some predictions and seeing if the predictions are accurate. Better still, use a number of different parameters all of which calibrate the model and then before actually using the model, wait and see which set of parameters generates the most accurate predictions. Only then use the model for actually predicting future events.

Comment Re:Only affects OEM stuff? (Score 1) 386

Allowing the user to intentionally add keys but preventing malware from doing so should not be too difficult for MB manufactures. Have a hardware jumper with 3 positions, 1) Do not enforce secure boot, 2) Enforce secure boot, 3) Only allow new keys to be added but do not allow the system to do anything else including booting.

Comment Re:Thus spoke Ben (Score 1) 553

Why not? A Facebook or other social media account name is just as good an identifier for the data as is using a 'real' name (whatever it is that makes a name 'real'). They can gather a lot of saleable information about the account holder both by activity on the site and by their use of links such as 'like'. It is just as easy for advertisers to send targeted adverts to a pseudonymous account as to one using a 'real' name.

Comment Re:Pirates are a real problem. (Score 1) 300

So why not just tackle the pirate situation rather than action, political or military, on land? Send in the NATO navies, plus maybe also invite the Russian, Japanese and Chinese navies for good measure and take action to protect the international shipping. Do as used to happen in the days of sail, arrest the pirates, confiscate their vessels and maybe even pay prize money to the navy crews who capture a pirate vessel.

Comment Unlock a safe (Score 2) 887

If you have a safe with a combination lock, can the authorities legally require you to either tell them the combination or unlock the safe? The passphrase to allow access to an encrypted drive is equivalent to the combination of a safe, so the same rules should apply.

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