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Comment To be honest (Score 1) 10

I'd be happy with a discount at Think Geek on the /. swag. My party seems small, but there are people that aren't users of /. that are coming, as well as people in the surrounding area - because you can only agree to come to one party.


Submission + - What Vista Gets Right ( 3

Risen888 writes: We've all seen the flamefests and endless dissections of how broken Windows Vista is. Now for something completely different, Scott Granneman of brings us an interesting look at some areas where Vista excels, and perhaps surpasses modern Linux distros. While he does whip some (if not deceased) geriatric equines such as gaming and fonts, he also raises some interesting ideas, such as ReadyBoost, ease of home networking, Media Center functionality, and the MS iLife-clone apps, including Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery (I know, I know, but hear him out, will ya?). An interesting read, although one I disagreed with on several points. Have at it, Slashdotters.

Submission + - Microsoft Voting Software Bill Set To Pass (

Will the Chill writes: New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt's bill H.R. 811 is set to be fast-tracked through Congress with a vote as early as today. From "This bill would add printers to already-proven-fraudulent electronic voting machines for the so-called solution of 'Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails'. This is not a solution to this problem." Also included in the bill is the use of closed-source Microsoft software, and the bill currently has enough supporters to be passed. For more info, view this YouTube Video. Please call your Congressperson immediately and tell them to Halt Holt's H.R. 811!

Submission + - UI shifts classes to Friday to curb drinking (

Lucas123 writes: Associated Press is reporting that The University of Iowa is shifting some mandatory classes to Friday in the hopes that it can curb binge drinking by its students. The story states that "The U.S. Surgeon General recommends more Friday classes." In other news, the university's website states it's holding a "block party" on Thursday.

Submission + - Indian Software Firm Outsourcing Jobs to US

phobos13013 writes: "NPR is reporting Indian software maker Wipro is outsourcing positions to a development office opening in Atlanta, Georgia. Although, it sounds good for US job growth, although the implication is that firms outside the US appear to be dominating more and more in the global economy, even from developing and underdeveloped regions of the world. Similarly, salaries of IT professionals world-wide are projected to stagnant or possibly fall due to the large pool of qualified applicants in the market today. Likely another reason companies like Wipro and Cognizant see it possible to outsource to the US and still remain competitive."

Feed Science Daily: First Ever 'Zero Emission' Antarctic Station (

The first ever "zero emission" Antarctic research station, the Princess Elisabeth Station, was recently unveiled in Brussels, Belgium. Using specialized building design and materials, a passive heating system, an energy control system, energy efficient appliances, and sound insulation techniques, engineers from the International Polar Foundation and its technical partners have managed to take a pioneering step forward in the domain of sustainable development.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Sun CEO says NetApp lied in fear of open source (

Lucas123 writes: "In reaction to NetApp's patent infringement lawsuit against Sun, CEO Jonathan Schwartz today said in his blog that NetApp basically lied in its legal filing when it said Sun asked them for licensing fees for use of their ZFS file system technology. In a separate statement, Sun said NetApp's lawsuit is about fear over open-source ZFS technology as a competitive threat. "The rise of the open-source community cannot be stifled by proprietary vendors. I guess not everyone's learned that lesson," Schwartz wrote in his blog."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Jobs' Open Letter to iPhone Customers

An anonymous reader writes: Good news for early adopters who are upset at iPhone's price drop 2 months after the introduction. Steve Jobs has posted an open letter to iPhone customers. Acknowledging that Apple received complaints over the aggressive price cut, Jobs promised $100 rebate in the form of store credits to those who are illegible for refunds or other considerations. Details to follow next week.

Submission + - Spreadsheets for Parallel Programming

An anonymous reader writes: An interesting blog entry describes a spreadsheet compiler for FPGA, GPU and Multicore processors built by an MIT graduate student. The post links to an IIR filter and CPU emulator that run in Excel using circular reference. Is a spreadsheet a good model for developing parallel computing applications?
The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia blocks from editing 1

thefickler writes: Known for having a media director that obsessively stalks critics,'s IP address range has now been banned from editing on Wikipedia. Longtime Wikipedia staffer, David Gerard, posted this on the Administrators' Noticeboard Tuesday afternoon: "I've just blocked, which is an IP range (a) owned by (b) widely used by them for spamming, COI editing and attempted intimidation of administrators dealing with them. I strongly suggest against unblocking this range under any circumstances"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Compiling for me, then and now

So I'm compiling an Eggdrop bot, mainly because I'm working this new website, and I'm screwing around with creating a lot of different ways to allow people to pull out this information.


Journal Journal: 4 Chemos later.. 1

Well, last week was my 6th and final chemo (hopefully). They didn't even bother to take an xray, as the last 2 they've done the tumor has been invisible, it's behind my breast bone after all.
Next up is a CT scan next week to see exactly what's left of the tumor, then radiation - 4-6 weeks of it, everyday monday throgh friday.


Journal Journal: Chemo - The second round 3

Well, round 2 went much better then round one. On Thursday, I took my Rituximab antibody treatment, then on Friday I had the actual chemo, some Cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin, Vincristine and my new friend Prednisone. The reason I'm here writing at 7:49 am after only an hour and a half of sleep is due to the Prednisone.
It's a powerful adrenal stimulant, aka steroid, and as such keeps me up and awake. Sure, it suppresses my immune system and all, but it's helping me fight my cancer.

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