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Journal Journal: Compiling for me, then and now

So I'm compiling an Eggdrop bot, mainly because I'm working this new website, and I'm screwing around with creating a lot of different ways to allow people to pull out this information.


Journal Journal: 4 Chemos later.. 1

Well, last week was my 6th and final chemo (hopefully). They didn't even bother to take an xray, as the last 2 they've done the tumor has been invisible, it's behind my breast bone after all.
Next up is a CT scan next week to see exactly what's left of the tumor, then radiation - 4-6 weeks of it, everyday monday throgh friday.


Journal Journal: Chemo - The second round 3

Well, round 2 went much better then round one. On Thursday, I took my Rituximab antibody treatment, then on Friday I had the actual chemo, some Cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin, Vincristine and my new friend Prednisone. The reason I'm here writing at 7:49 am after only an hour and a half of sleep is due to the Prednisone.
It's a powerful adrenal stimulant, aka steroid, and as such keeps me up and awake. Sure, it suppresses my immune system and all, but it's helping me fight my cancer.


Journal Journal: Chemo thus far - and one other thing

So, huzzah and all, yesterday I returned to work. The day went well, but I had trouble getting to sleep the night before, so I wasn't as awake as I would normally be. I got some good work done, which made me happy.
Didn't have the energy today - so I'm working from my apartment - it's good they allow me to do that every now and then. It's not company policy, but my boss will allow it - man he's a great guy!


Journal Journal: Chemo - round 1 done 6

The therapy is called CHOP-R. CHOP-R stands for the drugs I take, which are C = Cyclophosphamide H = Doxorubicin O = Vincristine P = Prednisolone. The R stands for Rituximab, the newer designer drug that they start the cycle with.


Journal Journal: Cancer Update 4

On Wednesday I had a CT Scan for my abdominal/pelvic area, to make sure the cancer wasn't any lower then where they think it was. The good news is, it wasn't, and my bone marrow came back clean, meaning I'm in stage 1 still.
The bad news though is the bag that surrounds my heart and helps keeps things lubed up was filled with fluid!
I wasn't even half way home when I received a call and had to come back to the hospital. In there, they inserted a catheter between my heart and the


Journal Journal: I'm 28, and I have cancer 3

Last weekend I and my beautiful girlfriend were going to take a nice romantic overnight trip to Duluth,MN and stay in a bed and breakfast. We were going to go shopping, eat out, take a lot of pictures, just be romantic. On Sunday, we were heading back down to Minneapolis to see Moby.

Sounded like a wonderful weekend, didn't it? I thought so to.

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Journal Journal: Eek

Argh, it looks like I'm going to end up now as 3 for 6 in my football league. I just finally got things setup too, so it'll be close if I manage to make the finals at this rate. Hasselback as QB, Deauce McAllistair and Ahman Green for RB, Chad Johnson and Roy Williams on WR, Vinatieri as kicker, and the Ravens D. It's a solid looking team, right? But somehow I keep getting smacked down - especially by one woman who managed to get the 1st round pick, then 3rd round, then 1st round again.


Journal Journal: This journal is now my personal swap meet

Greetings, Fellow slashdotians.

I have re-classed my Journal away from the usual droll tales about everyday life into something more useful: Hardware Requests

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Journal Journal: Someone - I want a GMail invite! 1

Oi! Now even my GF has a Gmail account via her blogger account, and I'm still out of luck here. If anyone would be so kind as to send an invite to jeremy(at)pavleck(dot)com I'd be forever grateful!

And now I'm off to bed hehe

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Journal Journal: Capella University now hiring in Minneapolis, MN 3

Hey guys, though I'd throw this out to all of you. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, email me at jeremy(dot)pavleck(at)capella(dot)edu - the link to the open IT jobs are here and we are looking for:

Software Quality Engineer - Performance Automation
Software Quality Engineer - Functional Automation
Technical Support Analyst
Systems Administrator

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Journal Journal: Hot Damn - Sweet sweet employment! 3

After 2 years of unemployment (Well, besides consulting - but you know how tough it can be to be a consultant these days!) I'm blissfully happily employed!

You're now looking at the Systems Management Engineer for Capella University - an online .edu that is right under Phoenix in terms of users and such. It's fully credited, the place just seems pretty cool, and above all - FREE COLLEGE!

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