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Comment Re:government might want to step back (Score 1) 487

When I was in Rome, a fellow I met told me that, in Italy in general but Rome in particular, you should NEVER look while crossing the street. If the drivers see you looking, they'll know you've seen them and they won't stop. He said you should just step out into traffic without the slightest hint that you might have noticed them. Only then will they stop.
... which goes completely against my experience. I was in Rome the second week of last december, and the best way of making a driver stop was to make direct eye contact until they saw you, sustain it, and cross the street. And keep a serious face.

My guess is that then they understand that not only you are aware of them, but that if you survive, you will possibly be able to identify them.

It goes without saying that I would only do that on pedestrian crossings.

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