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Comment Re:The question, really, is this: (Score 1) 549

Why, are you named My Corporation?

I see your point but your analogy is bunk. Nobody is claiming ownership, and Grayson isn't going after the domain. He is accusing her of misrepresenting her Political Action Committee as some sort of grassroots organization when it's just a front for Grayson's opponent.

It seems inappropriate for Grayson to make a fuss like this...until you look into the shysty-ass crap the other side is pulling. Transparency is good and should be not only encouraged in politics but rigidly enforced.

I do not think Grayson is afraid of being exposed, that dude has Colbert-sized balls. Anyone who dares speak truth to power has my support, even if it's a wacko like Ron Paul.

Comment Re:If this was useless, it would already be funded (Score 1) 384

$500 million might be the penalty for not building out BART properly in the first place. Waiting for a metropolis to mature before investing in public transit is a stupid and costly mistake. Which is what the Bay Area is facing right now...the new Bay Bridge is a good example. Why not extend to San Jose and Santa Rosa? What is wasted by sitting in daily, unavoidable traffic jams? What is lost by people unable to take a job across the Bay due to traffic?

Pretty absurd that you would take funding away from public transit projects and give it to a specious space program. At best, sounds like some kind of trickle-down economics. How much space exploration needs to be done for the Bay to get a decent subway system?

California can save $500 million just by reforming its penal code. Or defeating the price-fixing by energy suppliers. Speaking of collusion, even the most cowardly of health care reforms could easily save amount. There's a good place to use your imagination.

Also, pretty silly that you describe people who use public transit as lazy. I thought lazy people stayed at home.

Comment Re:Dodgy statesmen (Score 1) 681

"It is either illegal or it isn't"

You clearly do not understand law. It is only illegal if somebody is willing to enforce the law, which is far from a certainty. Otherwise, it's pretty much on a case by case basis, depending on the level of wealth and prestige involved.

You could look at the so-called war on terror for plenty of examples. Or environmental law. Or consumer law. And basically the entire tax code. Not to get too ridiculous, but international law is running joke.

Suddenly Bernie Madoff was breaking the law? Nah, suddenly somebody had the nerve to enforce the law...that would more accurate.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here, move along... (Score 1) 431

"Hospitals do all kinds of disinfection..."

Let me fix that for you: "We hope that...Hospitals do all kinds of disinfection..."

Just like we hope that airlines do all kinds of maintenance. But come on folks, all we need to do is shake a lil corruption out of the FAA to find out everyone's cutting corners. But ain't nobody watching! Guess we gotta hope the magical free hand protects us?

By the way, have a safe flight and a speedy recovery!

Comment Seems rather simple? (Score 2, Insightful) 476

When google or whatever give you the option to click "anonymous" then they should stand behind it, or change the button to say something different.

Is staying anonymous not possible? Fine, stop lying then by saying that it is!

Hiding some fine print in the TOS is anti-consumer and otherwise a pretty shitbag thing to do. In other industries, it would not be an issue, it would be fraud. Like saying the transaction is secure/encrypted but then oopsies, it's not really and they never intended it to be?

Details, legal crap, all that scoots aside. How about some basic honesty? (do no evil)

Comment Ok... (Score 1) 125

I know there's a lot of details and legal wrangling and worse...but let me just speak for a few million people:

Fuck your stupid copyrights, nobody cares about anything you wrote or it would not be orphaned and out of print. The free market you cherish so much has betrayed you and left you for dead. The world would sooner let your works rot into nothing than pay you a penny for your tripe or recognize you for your efforts.

You stupid greedy money-grubbing whores! I hope you choke on your wishful copyright dreams! History will judge you unkindly!

Have a nice day :-)

Comment Re:Birds of a feather (Score 1) 543

Perhaps your confusion results from not knowing all the facts in the case, hmmm?

Here's the rule: if it doesn't make sense to you then there are only three possibilities, in order of probability:

1) you are not aware of all the facts
2) you are being lied to
3) you are kind of stupid

Of course the trick is that if you don't notice 1 and you can't tell 2 then you are definitely 3.

Comment Great idea (Score 1) 112

But I hope it's well implemented.

So-called network issues? Jokes on you, that's a loss.

Oops, my controller died? Here's another L for you, loser.

Mom unplugged the tv in the middle of a match? Take your loss like a man!

See where I'm going with this? Any kind of disconnect equals a loss, pretty much no exceptions.

This is in addition to a good feedback system to protect against griefers.

In fact, there needs to be a decent cash-based system like this to clear up a lot of the noise found in online gaming. Folks accused of cheating can redeem themselves, as can a lot of other gamer types benefit from a clear and undisputed settlement of skillz. Some fake ass bitches can get served and STFU. And some brilliant, amazing players can make a little money to supplement their obsession...nothing wrong with that!

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