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Comment mobile mobile mobile (Score 1) 224

What type of phone do you have? Android? Learn java. Not the type of Java these people are talking about, I mean learn android. Have an iPhone? Learn iOS dev stuff. Do it every day for a year. Show it off during the interview. You'll learn something that is in high demand and you'll get the job you want.

Comment Is your team really agile? (Score 1) 460

My team is agile. We have a burn down chart. We have a weekly iteration planning session. We pair program, we test first, we write our cucumber tests, javascript tests, junit tests, and we code 35 or more hours a week. We're also in one of the strictest change management environments I've ever worked in, and we're still churning out high quality, highly tested code in high volume. In our stand up every morning we talk about the stories that were completed the day before and we mark them on our burn down chart at that time. Our Kanban board helps drive us through the process and it keeps everything visible to all the team members. Documentation for our semi-monthly releases is a chore - it takes us about 8 man hours a month, but were working to automate a lot of it.

Agile means adapting, and it sounds like you're not.

Comment Re:The implications (Score 1) 244

I'm for killing violent offenders, but the problem is that the legal system is so broken that I'm not sure if anyone knows guilt vs innocence anymore.
I'm for abortions, but only in certain cases - extreme hardship for the child, health concerns, rape, etc. There are in fact times when you would be better off dead than alive.

Comment WoW pvp imbalance (Score 1) 520

I have a 55 hour work week, a wife and 2 kids, so here is a heartfelt thank you for the BoA items that grant additional experience. That said, I don't have time to play my main and level a lot of characters. For example, it took me almost a year to get to level 70 during BC when I started. Since the expansion, I've gained level 80 and have downed several 10 and 25 man hard mode encounters in Ulduar.

However, the melee imbalances in 2v2 arenas are such that I'm about to stop trying pvp at all. It's not worth the opportunity cost for me to level a plate wearer to 80, gear him up and l2faceroll. Is there something planned to prevent my only level 80 character (a warlock) from being every rogue's bitch in 2v2 arena? I'd happily trade my ability to completely dominate every paladin that comes across my path for the ability to live through a Cloak of Shadows duration. I recently dueled a s4 + s5 gladiator (ret paladin) and won 10 out of 10. Conversely, I recently lost to a level 80 rogue that was wearing a full compliment of greens and a quest blue. The fact that I was in mostly furious gear (with 2 piece t8.5 for the set bonus) did nothing to help me. I understand that duels are not meant to be balanced, but I chose that example because the same situation exists for me in 2v2 arenas when it's healer + rogue vs healer + me.

If pvp balancing issues for warlocks are out of the picture, are there any plans to provide pvp only servers (much like the tournament realms), where I can just create a level 80 character to do arenas and BGs with? I'd love to do arenas with my brother or a coworker, but in both cases our comp is completely impractical in even the mid level 2s bracket.

Comment Re:Classes? Who needs em! (Score 1) 209

This would never fly in a modern MMO, as it requires that player to plan ahead from the very beginning or to re-roll once they learned how the system worked. A 'spec' system, where those points could be re-spent late in the game to allow players to shift their skills to match their play style would be interesting, but could result in players being able to shift from a tank style class to a healer or magic dps depending on the day and the needs of their group/guild. Starting from a basic school system, melee/damage caster/healing caster with different starting skill costs would allow for varied classes for each player, and not much more lock in than any other MMO out right now.

Not only does WoW have that, but it has it for two specs at a time. I respec once or twice a week to min-max specific encounters. It's pretty obvious you haven't played a modern MMO in some time.

Comment medical problems (Score 4, Insightful) 492

As someone who recently had medical problems that sprung up over night, I can honestly say that there could be other reasons he's not responding. I guess an open letter is as good a way as any to try to get in touch with him, but the tone of the letter is beyond ignorant. It's more accusatory than anything (which may be justified), but it's certainly not a sign of professionalism. If anything, it shows that he may have been correct in managing the project without the petulant "help" of the other developers.

Comment Similar to Blizzard's new content (Score 2, Interesting) 275

This is very similar to what I've been seeing out of Blizzard, but the opposite approach (and I think Blizzard has this right). Instead of pushing the "Easy Button", how about making all the content easy and making hard modes that you can do for mad props/cool cut scenes/phat loot/self gratification.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Qualcomm design for wimax killer patented

farker haiku writes: Qualcomm, with its newly developed convergence program, seeks to create the first truly ubiquitous digital network so that everyone, everywhere, can find themselves connected. Convergent Innovation In order to provide the most expansive coverage possible, the convergence program has implanted tiny base stations into thousands of pigeons. "These birds thrive in diverse habitats, from dense cities to unpopulated regions," says Peter Rauber, director of engineering. "They carry with them a dynamic network as they flock and migrate." But the birds needed certain improvements to ensure goals were met and safeguarded. According to Rauber, this is where true convergence enters the equation.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Arena PvP in Wow

Arena PvP in WoW is broken. Until they do something to fix the insane melee damage against clothies, the meta game is not worth playing. Woo achievements!

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